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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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NetBackup Services failed to start automatically after reboot

this happened 3-month ago.we've the NetBackup Services set to start using domain account. after some windows server 2016 updates, the services failed to start automatically after reboot and we had to go and manually start them after each c...

Hyper-V of restore to alternate locations failed

Hello all,1)My NetBackup vesion: 8.2 Operating System : windows server 20192)client Operating System : windows server 2012 I want to restore rename vm to hyper-v server,but I am facing an issue during the recovery of vm .C:\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admi...

Netbackup VTL Tapes migration to other VTL Tapes

Hi,i have a master server with VTL LTO4 (DataDomain 860) configured and tapes in each pool. Now i must dismiss thi library and configure a new VTL LTO5 (DataDomain7200).I configured the new library and switched all backup policies on this, but i dism...

Resolved! need command to find backup images with its size

Hi ALL,we have a disk pool where the duplication happens.I need a command to find the copy 2 images on this  pure disk disk pool with each image size.I have searched the report section of NBU but its not showing the Image size. NBU 8.0Linux

noazara by Level 6
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VxUpdate install push fails for Solaris 10

Has anyone noticed anything similar when trying to push an upgrade via VxUpdate?Client is running 8.1.1 and is a Solaris10 (Generic_150400-59 sun4u sparc) a container. The global zone is running NetBackup 8.2.23-Jan-2020 3:27:35 PM - Info RUNCMD (pid...

X2 by Moderator
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EXIT STATUS 61 (the vnetd proxy encountered an error)

Hello everyone,I'm facing an issue during a backup of a policy type DB2.The backup jobs are started by a script on the client (RHEL 6.6 and NBU 8.1.1).The error is the following:Jan 26, 2020 9:41:16 PM - Error bprd (pid=23436) Unable to write progres...

Intore by Level 4
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Automated Backup Integrity check for Data stored on LTO Tapes

Hi everybody!Does anybody has a solution for automated , e.g. script based, third party software ..., solution allowing to check stored data on LTO tapes e.g. by comparisson of md5 checksums.I could not find any information/discussion on this topic a...

Biolli by Level 2
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Resolved! Faulting module ucrtbase.dll after attemtping to start spoold

Hi I'm in the process of rebuilding a Windows NBU 8.2 media server but can't get the deduplication engine service to start. This is new physical server with a fresh OS installation (Windows 2016) using the same server name and IP address as the origi...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup error status 156

Dear All,I find the job backup status error code 156 , 8 and 96 job status,  Error code 156:I check the bpfis and bpkar , to find the job backup error on the Split BCV (snopshot) freeze and failed to backup the flash copy backup policy . Error code 9...

restoring data for client deleted from netbackup

i'm new to our netbackup group, and more experienced with backup exec, and smaller amounts of data than my company currently backs up.  we're trying to clean up some old policies because the jobs are failing.  for instance, we have several vmware pol...

Resolved! How to force read Max Jobs per Client setting?

I updated the Host Properties Master setting of Jobs per client from 4 to 6.Its been 24 hours, i still have jobs waiting with message - Limit has been reached for the logical resource Master.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.ClientI did the usual, bprdreq -rereadco...

Compare Activity monitor & Command line bpps

Hello, Someone can explain me that. I don't understand why have different information between GUI > Activity monitor and bpps command line.If my jobs is finished why this job stiff running on my media server ? Netbackup server : Version 8.1.2 | RedHa...

Ewe by Level 3
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4x FC from Media server to brocade 300 to i6000 tape robot.

I have a Media server with 4x8GB FC connections. I am trying to get as much B/W to the robot as I can.I'm not concerned with failover of SAN paths, I purely want 4x8GB of B/W to make sure I'm not starving the robot.Can Netbackup do this? Is there a s...


Granular backup on exchange 2007 failed

Hello,My granular backup worked for years and years but now it fails without any changes or updates.Other backups like exchange database are still working.Exchange 2007 / Windows Server 2008 standard (backuped with netbackup V7.5 / Win Server 2008R2)...

Yankuma by Level 2
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Re: NBREPLICATE - no entity was found (227)

**** Moved to new post from   **** @sdo  we are receiving the same error as the original post regarding replication, after we removed media server access on both targ...