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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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NetBackUp Best Practices

How can I decide on the following parameters 1) Type of Backup (Tape, disk, puredisk), retention for Production, Development and UAT servers. 3) Type of backup to be taken for the servers like SQL, Oracle, Web, Application, SAP, Sharepoint, File, VM...

Dishant by Level 5
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Consolidated backup

Dear All,   Regarding the consolidated  backup, has anyone already implement this yet ? When I look at the documentation, it appears that Consolidated backup does not work with non-windows guest OS for file-level backups.  I will need to see if this ...

fatra by Level 2
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Lotus Notes backup job ends status code 1 (partially succesfull)

Hi everyone, The backup job of the following Lotus Notes policy ends with status code 1, one aor two files (.nsf) can not be backup so are skipped. Is that normal? is something missing on the configuration? The client Lotus notes properties are alre...

mmeeggaann by Level 5
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Resolved! SQL Backups Fail with 239 Status and "this" client

Has anyone else experienced this issue.   It appears that all the SQL clients backup successful then towards the end of the backup policies for that same window I get numerous entries as follows that state a failed job using the same policies.  The c...

Resolved! Where can I get Netbackup 7 Consol manager software?

Hi, I want to install Netbackup 7 Consol manager software in my laptop, rather than going to Master sever and opening Netbackup consol, I think I can also install Consol in my laptop and while the time of installing it will ask master server IP.    J...

RKS by Level 4
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Exchange 2010 GRT Backup

Hi everyone. Exchange 2010 GRT Backup does not end successfully. What is your advice? Thanks!   6/16/2011 9:48:42 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=11344) from client : ERR - Client for NFS service is either not installed or not running. 6/16/2011 9:50:15 PM - ...

MyMayis by Not applicable
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NBU6.5 to 7.1 migration question

So I have taken over my companies backup duties and was tasked with upgrading to the latest version. So I have a few questions that I havent found answers to yet. So trying here to see if anyone cant point me in the right direction. So here is the is...

KBB by Not applicable
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Resolved! Netbackup: bpbackup unable to access other partitions to backup

Hello, Using the following command: bpbackup.exe -h clientserver -f c:\bklist.txt -p TestBKP   Netbackup 7.01 Ent. Client Server = Windows 2003 w/sp2   When bklist.txt has the following items:    C:\Temp    It works fine When bklist.txt has the follo...

Kwinter by Level 5
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Resolved! Oracle RMAN templates

Does anyone know how to move Rman templates from a Unix Master server to a Windows Master server?  I'm in the process of moving all clients off our Solaris 9 Netbackup 6.5 master server to a new master server running Windows 2008 x64 R2 Netbackup 7.1...

Pam_Daniel by Level 4
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Resolved! Disable Authentication on Client, NB7.1

I have a complicated backup we're trying to attempt ove the public network. I have a Solaris Master running NB7.1 and a new windows client that resides in a private cloud. We have opened all of the reuqired ports between the master and client and hav...

Resolved! How to Defer Eject Vault Tapes Ouside Vault Session Time

Hey All,   I use Deferred Ejects for my vaulting due to the size of our tape library.  In our Vault profile, in the "choose backup tab" the Vault is set to capture backups as far as 10 days back.  My problem is that I have tapes I neglected to eject ...

Resolved! Duplication fails with database system error (220)

Hi there. I'm running Netbackup 7.1 on a RHEL 5 and I'm having the error "database system error (220)" when the duplication process runs. Here's the full log:   16/Jun/2011 15:19:43 - begin Duplicate 16/Jun/2011 15:19:43 - requesting resource backup...

vilhena by Level 4
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Resolved! Picking List for Robot

     06/15/2011                                                           Page: 1         Robot: TLD(7) Vault: OFFSITE Profile: Eject_Only       Vendor: IBM       Session ID: 9               Picking List for Robot      MEDIA      SLOTID EXPIRATION IM...

ESM_Admin by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup 7 : Policy has red cross mark, what does that mean?

Hi, I am new to Netbackup. In our companmy we have around 1000 Clients and each of the client is having specific policy for backups, now here is my point : some of the policys shows red cross mark, what exactly that means? Is that particular client i...

RKS by Level 4
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Resolved! Full tape problem with Netbackup V4.5

Hi, I'm still using Veritas Netbackup V4.5 Recently I have the problem that my full backup at night is not finished. During the last task Netbackup tries to load another tape which is not possible because the server has only one tape drive. When I ch...

Tom_VK by Level 3
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Resolved! To add old volume to EMM database

Hi guys, I have the following doubt: I've checked the count of volumes I have in my closet. I've seen there is one volumen, which, it doesn't appear in EMM NetBackup. I've protected against written this volume, and I've put it in the library, but Net...

replacing CommVault - copy strategies

Disclaimer: This isn't some kind of flame to say that a different product is better. I'm looking for a solution because it is important for me. So please be patient .. We are currently using Simpana 8.0 for backup and we are evaluating NBU. One of th...