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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Instant recovery fails with error 61

Running NetBackup 8.1 on Windows Server 2008.Had a recent issue with a remote NBU domain's master server where I needed to use instant recovery (vmware), when attempting to run the "nbrestorevm -vmw -ir_activate -C virtual_machine_inventory_name -tem...

Simon78 by Level 3
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Database "NBAZDB" (NBAZDB.db) stopped

Dear all,Can anyone help me with below error. Why excatly this error i have got. /var/log/messagesJan 16 08:04:32 Media serverSQLAnywhere(validation_eng): Database "NBAZDB" (NBAZDB.db) stopped at Tue Jan 16 2018 08:04Jan 16 08:04:32 Media serverSQLAn...

Resolved! Empty media slot in netbackup

Hi Everyone, I am using below command to calculate empty slots in library. However I know this would count those slots as well which has media inside tape drives,sudo /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmcheckxxx -rt tld -list -rn 0 | grep -c NoIs there any bette...

Sid1987 by Level 6
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Resolved! NBU Catalog Migrate from 7.0.1 to 7.7

Hi Team, We are planning to upgrade NBU Master 7.0.1 to 7.7 and then to 8.1. Currently NBU 7.0.1 is running on Windows Server 2003 32 bit Operating system. As we are targeting NBU to latest version 8.1 which does not support 32 bit OS, we must perfor...

BalajiP by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup License

 I have a NetBackup Isilon NAS which I want to b/up using NDMP to Tape Library with 2 drives? In this case I will need 1 x NBU server license , ! NDMP License , 2 Library License Correct?                                  

Backup vCenter Server Appliance using Netbackup 8

I am attempting to add the vcenter to NetBackup master server and run backup. When I attempt to browse the virtual machines from the policy I get the error “cannot connect on socket 25”.  From the job details I also get the following errors:  Dec 20,...

KSachaB by Level 3
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Resolved! Adding new Media Server to Storage Server via CLI

I'm trying to create and update a Storage Server via CLI. I can do this perfectly fine from the GUI but work is quiet and I'm experimenting more and more with CLI.I can create the STS just fine using nbdevconfig -creatests etc. It adds the Storage Se...

Restore individual tlog

When I try to select the last transaction log backup, Netbackup provides the syntax to restore the original full backup and then to the subsequent t-log which I select. Example below.OPERATION RESTOREOBJECTTYPE DATABASEDATABASE "kkveritas"# The follo...

Backup a network drive on windows 7

Hi,i have one question. Is it possible to make a backup of a network drive which is connected in windows 7? When i start my NetBackupsoftware i only see the local drives but not the network drives.ThanksMaxi

MaMiMuc by Level 2
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Support for Windows Server 1709 and future semi-annual releases?

Regarding Windows Server 1709 and the semi-annual release channel:'m keen to know what the current and future support plans are ...

sdo by Moderator
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Restore Button not Response

I am trying to restore a virtual machine using the NetBackup 8.1 Administration Console.I specified the machine and policy type, and I got the display about the source of the contents. However, when I click the "Restore" button at the right bottom, t...

rossxu by Level 4
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Resolved! Exclude list not excluding the additions I've added

I'm using Netback 8.0 for the master. For a few of the policies, I've added a folder or two to the Exclude list for the related clients. I'll add and apply them. When I check back later the same day, the Exclude list shows my additions. The next morn...

DoubleP by Level 5
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Resolved! NBARS Folder growing

Hi all,Since few weeks [...]Veritas\Netbackup\Logs\nbars is growing fast on our master server.Each log file is now 51 200 ko. I dunno if it's this size which was already running before...Can someone help me ? Maybe indicating where i should be able t...

Want to reuse and assign tapes beyond their physical expiry

HiI need some help regarding epxiring tapes in Netbackup.Basically all the tapes have physcial expiry set to none but there are two tapes which have a physical expiry of last year, since then they are no longer being used.i want to erase the physical...