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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Catalog backup folder increasing

*** Moved to new post from***I,ve have catalog backup folder increasing to quickly, this folder is diferent than what you refered. Does anyone...

Resolved! Catalog migration - procedure

Hello,I'm looking for a procedure (step-by-step) about how to migrate a catalog from a master server netbackup 7.7 with MSDP (windows 2008) to netbackup 8.1 (windows 2012). The hostname will be the same, it's only a hardware/OS refresh including the ...

bsilva by Level 3
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Socket write failed, error 24

Hello,I am facing backup failure on client server, below are the details:08/03/2018 01:00:55 - Critical bpbrm (pid=11992) from client swmnzbokwf: FTL - socket write failed 08/03/2018 01:01:12 - Info bpbkar32 (pid=16316) done. status: 24: socket write...

FT Media Server configuration

Hi Eveyone,We are configuring FT media server with HP Gen 8 DL 360 & 2 x HPAJ764A & Suse Linux Sp 4 ( All are in supported list of Netbackup 8.1)After running configuration and rebooting, we are getting error message Unable to communicate with HBA po...

netbackup opcenter report

Please provide me any sql qery or guide me to generate a report of the policy or images that has been done on the tapes.


Hi.I have a Netbackup 7.7.3 environment with a Solaris 11 SPARC Master Server which backups an Oracle ZFS storage, besides another applications.The ZFS shares are mapped to the Master Server by NFS, so this shares are seen as FS. The information of t...

Resolved! snapshot error encountered (156)

Hello,Windows FS Full schedule backup is failing after writing 4+TB with below error, incremental backup is working ok.Communication looks ok between client and NBu master/media. please assist.Master OS and vers. - Linux  7.7.207/29/2018 06:00:09 - b...

lovy1 by Level 3
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oracle DB backup failed with EC-6

Hello,One stream of oracle DB backup ,schedule full ,after writing 3+GB is failing with below error. Please assist.Archive log and FS backups are working ok.DB backups are user initiated.Master vers. - 7.7.2 , OS - Linux07/31/2018 00:56:28 - started ...

lovy1 by Level 3
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Tape Drives show Missing Paths

Some of my tape drives are showing missing paths after a migration from one Fiber switch to another. I have validated that the zones are setup the same on the networking side (and even see the drives checked in, in the fiber database on the switches)...

dagren by Level 3
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NDMP restore

I am trying to restore some old NDMP tapes. My understanding is that NDMP backups cannot be restored to Windows machines. NDMP is enabled on our NetApp SVM.  I would like to know how to give the destination path names in the NetBackup console for the...

Josh_CG by Level 3
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Solaris 11 and SL8500 - master media servers won't boot!

Just a FYI to anyone with SL8500 and Solaris 11 media serversI have Solaris 11 master/media servers and write to a SL8500 tape drive. Generally works like a champ!Last weekend, I did a reconfigure reboot on my media servers to update the tape drives ...

Genericus by Moderator
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Nobody contact me for my Netbackup Trial

Hi,I already download the software and even received an email saying:---------------------------GET STARTEDUse of this evaluation software is governed by the terms of service that were accepted prior to downloading. Under those terms, use of this sof...

system error occurred (130)

Hi guys, I have a problema, anybody can help me? This backups finished with error 130, It was run sucefully, but now are failed.07/31/2018 09:36:44 - Info bpbrm (pid=31976) uniserver224-bkp is the host to backup data from07/31/2018 09:36:44 - Info bp...

Resolved! Windows Backup failed

Hi,Please help me solve my doubt.If I have a Windows Server NBU job with error greater than 0 or 1, the image created is valid to restore ?Need I remove the image created ?thanks.

Resolved! Storage Lifecycle Policies never run duplications

Hello, we have Master server on RedHat Linux 6.3 and Media server on RedHat Linux 6.5. These versions are past EOL support but are looking for any help digging into the SLP issue while we work on upgrades.We have defined many Storage ...