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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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NetBackup Self Service 8.0 released…

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of NetBackup Self Service 8.0 !NetBackup Self Service 8.0 empowers users to self-serve common backup and restore requests while providing automation and control to IT.Self Service's multi-tenant, ro...

smusale by Level 4
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Resolved! VMware Instant Recovery failure

*** Moved to new discussion from   *** Hello All, I am also facing the same issue, I have tried with below command and is not helping me: c:\...

dipendra by Level 4
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VMware XFS support

I just need to vent with how disappointed I am.  The new VMware compatibility guide is out and there is STILL no ETA for File Recovery support on VMware backups with XFS. has been an issue on ...

Chris_W by Level 4
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Command bpplclients to delete not working in script

I'm creating a script to automatically "refresh" the clients in a policy. The policy has no schedule as it is only there for audit purposes and probing the client for connectivity.The script (in BASH) is working but for one operation: deleting all cl...

X2 by Moderator
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Upgraded to 7.7.3: A few questions

Upgraded a combined media/master server from 7.5.7 to  7.7.3.  Platform is windows 2008 R2.Profoundly disappointed that the windows standalone admin console is gone, but won't rehash that one..Two questions:Is there a way to get an equivalent view as...

All tapes in standalone

HI,Does anyone knows why all tapes now are in standalone section, yesterday all tapes were in TLD sections.Now I cant eject or add any tapes. How could be the correct process to back normal again?

AndresV by Level 6
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Newly Installed Master Server with issues on EMM

Hi Guys, Currently, I'm maintaining 4 NBU Master Servers running on Windows 2012, NBU 7.7On this installation, I got this following error (shown on the screenshot). I can't proceed on configuring the Tape Library and Tape Drives because of this error...

Jess01 by Level 3
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NetBackup 8.0 Release Notes

NetBackup 8.0 Release Notes, here:

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! NDMP incremental forever.

Hi all.My customer has a huge EMC Isilon NAS, containing 2.4 Pb of data. All is not backed up, but some folders are.These contains typically up to 80 TB of data. A full backup will run NDMP backup to tape and take 2-3 weeks to complete, so we need to...

heinkel by Level 3
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Resolved! sap hana with netbackup 7.7.2

Greetings,I am trying to configure backups for sap-hana appliance. my netbackup environment is completely 7.7.2 (appliance is 2.7.2)As I know very little (I mean absolutely nothing) about sap-hana, going over the documentation has me somewhat nervous...

gkman by Level 5
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reorder dup jobs and restores

NBU, i have to suspend all secondary operations for my SLPs to give way to a restore job so that they won't fight over a few tape drives. now that restore is over, i have so many dups jobs in there way to find which dup jobs rela...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! Manual duplication to tape...

Hi, people. I´m duplicating some images from disk to tape. There are some tapes with media status Active, in the pool. This tapes has free space, but the Netbackup is taking new tapes from the scratch pool. Are there a configuration to force the dupl...

Kayser by Level 3
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Upgrade to 7.7.2 caused status 50s on Unix clients

Just upgraded my Unix clients to 7.7.2,Now I'm seeing status 50s on several boxes, all  SPARK/Solaris10I've asked our Unix admin to restart the client services, no good.These all fail after about 10 minutes into the job. I've increased the timout to ...

Netbackup 96 TB MSDP pool support

Hi,With 64TB MSDP support, we use to provision one smaller volume from storage to MSDP server and expand as the environment grows. But 96TB MSDP pool requires 4 separate volumes as mentioned in the below table and URL. Does that mean we need to alloc...

dsk1 by Level 4
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How-To-Guide: NetBackup Amazon Machine Image

Today, we announced general availability of NetBackup 8.0 with expanded cloud options for cloud integration and cloud-based NetBackup instances. To get started with the new NetBackup Amazon Machine Image in AWS, I have attached the USER GUIDE - Verit...

arjanvp by Level 3
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Resolved! vmware snpshot backup using VIP

Hi ,With using VIP backup policy, is there a way for me to run a specific VM backup without initiating backup for entire policy. This is assuming there's no backup history for this specific VM.Will greatly appreciate your feedback.Thak you

Dollypee by Moderator
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Oracle redirected restore using SAN

Hi, I need to restore a oracle database using SAN transport but I everytime I try is goes automatically through LAN, the redirected restore client is already zoning to my 5230 appliance. The backups of source client and redirected restore client work...

AndresV by Level 6
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