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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! how does one control the cleaning cartridge

NBU how does one know if the cleaning cartridges are being used? as i see the "Mounts" column in Media to be always zero, how can check and control this cartridges?

manatee by Level 6
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RMAN very large Database backup tunning

The full backup time for very large RAC DB (~1TB) using the  standard RMAN backup process is taking between 35-40 hours to complete. Could you please suggest for Tunning Options that we can setup withing NetBackup side. Any other alernative options a...

Resolved! Calendar based schedule not working as expected.

hello, i am not sure what i am missing here - would be great if someone point me to fix this. we do calender based schedule so today i noticed some strange thing - here i attach the screenshots & bpimage output. client: prodl008 FULL Backup days:...

Raju_la by Level 5
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Solaris 10 not seeing SL24 Robot

I apologize in advance.  I have scoured the message board and tried lots of things and I am not getting anywhere. T5240 with a QLogic HBA direct attached to an SL24 Robot. When I scan in NBU Admin console, the drive is seen, but as standalone. Her...

ckrull by Not applicable
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VMware + SQL

Hi,   I am trying to take backup of SQL database in a virtual machine using VMware policy type. Following things were done, but i am getting error "SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The server principal "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" is not able to ...

NBU_10 by Level 2
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Netbackup Schedule

Hello Experts, We have 4 schedules in netbackup policy. Daily, weekly.monthly,yearly with calender based schedule. Daily (Mon-friday) Weekly(Saturday) Mothly(Saturday) Yearly(1st saturday on 1 jan) Daily,Weekly and monthly are fine but our year...

Netbakup with LUN

hello i'm new in netbackup and i have question , is netbackup can make backup from lun directly thank's

m_krewi by Not applicable
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RMAN backup failed with status = 139

hello; i hope eavry thing is ok i need your help, when we run DB script we have an error (the backup failed to back up the requested files(6)) detailes as following: /10/2016 8:52:44 AM - started process bpbrm (14241) 4/10/2016 8:52:44 AM - conn...

How to config air between backup domains using multiple networks?

First backup domain: msdp and master: master10 NIC1: master10 NIC2:  master20 Second backup domain: msdp and master : drmaster NIC1: drmaster there is no route between and,I want con...

fanyakeji by Level 2
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Frequency Backup

What happens when the backup is still running after the configured 6hrs interval. (if for example, it is set to run every 6hrs frequency) Will it wait for the backup to complete and start another backup session or will it start even if the previous ...

gplus by Level 3
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Netbackup reporting features

  Attched is an image of the NBU Gui listing all the reports.  Where are the scripts that generate those reports? I'd like to be them to run on a scheduled task and tweak them abit or email on a schedule basis. I checked the goodies, but was not ab...

Kathe_F by Level 3
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Netbackup configuration with EMC DataDomain

Hi, We have to configure Netbackup with EMC DataDomain. We have VTL license for EMC, don't have DDboost license. I have physically connected master server and DD with FC. We want the data to go through FC only. But I don't want to use VTL. Any ...

Determine FETB from nbdeployutil

hello, could somebody help me to determine how i could get the FETB capacity of my system, from the nbdeployutil report? is this the "NB Plateform base" located in the "itemization" sheet?

Resolved! Duplication failed because physical go down continuosly

Hi team I have problem with the duplication with SLP, because the drives continuosly go down, and if the drives are up, the SLP dont use all of them. Also, if I run manual duplicattion`s, they run good.... The master, the Data Domain, the physical ...

Wolaf25 by Level 4
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Resolved! Duplication in NetBackup

I need some help. My environment. WS 2008 NBU 7.6.1 Task : I am trying to duplicate my old LTO1/LTO2 tapes to new LTO4 Tapes. I have setup the script and it is duplicating fine but here are some problems. I am using below in script bpduplicate ...

Resolved! How to Know the role of machine in Netbackup environment

Hello All, How do I know that certain machine is Netbackup Master, Media Manager and client on Linux Operating system. Is this information is stored somewhere (in File Or some other place) On windows, we get this information in registry key @"HKLM\...


Hi, i am fresher going to da certification on Netbackup tool. please give me any suggestions as : 1) which certification will help me a lot to work on Netbackup all kinds of services. 2) materials which can be helpful for cracking the exam other t...

How to copy data from VTL to Tape

Hi, I have the following setup. 1. Netbackup Master/Media server with FC connectivity. 2. VTL connected with Media server using FC 3. Tape Lib connected with Media server using FC first backup will be done on VTL for faster backup then it will b...

Kashifali by Level 1
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