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hyperV file level backup - how to?

Level 2

Masterserver - 8.2.1

Mediaserver - Netbackup Appliance

NBU client os HyperV machines

Dear All,

Need your advise how to backup selected drives on HyperV?

1. We installed nbu client on the virtual

2. NBU able to communicate with the client

3. Backup success although very very slow

4. Restore failed 

What step should be wrong?




Level 6
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Veritas recommends that you use the Hyper-V agent to perform snapshot-based backup of the virtual machines
that run on Hyper-V servers.
This backup method allows file-level restores. 

Please read through the NetBackup For Hyper-V Admin Guide. 
Chapter 1 of this manual explains the features and advantages of this backup type. 



Hi Marianne,


Thanks for your reply. However, netbackup is not able to do snapshot on shared drive/disk. What is the best way to backup these shared drive? 

1. can i snapshot the OS only?

2. perform file level backup?