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migrate clients from old to new nbu server for load balancing

Level 5


we migrate some clients from old to new NBU server for load balancing. now we have to change master entery for every client. We can do in 2 ways:

1. change bp.conf of every client

2. do a change of addition server entry in host properties of every client

in both cases we have to do it on all clients one by one and we have 30+ clients. do we have some way to do in at once for all the clients?


Level 6

Select all of the clients in the GUI, right-click Properties > Servers > Make Master > OK

when i select clients on new master server i unable to select properties, its grayed out.

Must be done on the original Master as the new one may not have access yet. 

Otherwise, update bp.conf on each client, putting the new Master at the top of the Server= list.

Level 6
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You can select multiple clients in Host Properties on original master.