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netbackupDB directory - JAVA

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Windows 2012 R2 server with one Master/Media Netbackup running netbackup 8.2.

Anyway to upgrade the java under the \Veritas\NetbackupDB\java\java.exe  ?   We are getting hit with multiple vulnerabilities with our Security scans.   

I know the nbcomponentupdate utility will update the jre under \Veritas\Netbackup\jre  but how do we update the NetbackupDB java..  Maybe Im not using the nbcomponentupdate utility correctly but it doesnt seem to work for the NetbackupDB directory.   

I did notice an EEB for java for version 8.2 on support site but really it only gets me to NetBackup JRE with JRE 8u251.  This is even outdated.   Im wondering if I need to see if support can push out another EEB for java for NetbackupDB or maybe they will just force us to upgrade to 8.3...

Any assistance would be appreciated.   




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The java folder under NetBackupDB does not look right.
I am only aware of conf and data folders in this directory.

NBU Admin Guide also only list conf and data folders.

IMHO, th java folder in NetBackupDB does not belong there.

Hopefully someone else can check a Windows master for us to see if they have this java folder.


Thanks Marianne - Will check out the Guide..  I have search around online and dont really see much about java under the NetbackupDB directory for a windows master/media server.

Yes that would be great to hear from some that has a windows materserver/media server and if java exists under the NetbackupDB directory.


Thanks again..  BC

So looking through the guide Admin Guide I stumbled on the following:

On Windows: The directory install_path\Veritas\NetBackupDB\java contains the
components necessary to run the NetBackup Administration Console on a Windows

So its the JAVA for the netbackup Admin Console GUI.   Might have to open a ticket with Support - maybe unless anybody knows a way how to upgrade it..




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I agree with you - best to log a Support call with Veritas.

I was totally unaware that Java is installed under NetBackupDB on Windows....
We learn something new everyday! :)


The Java/JRE at C:\Veritas\NetBackupDB\java is from the Sybase component packaged with NetBackup. I believe this has been there since NBU 8.0
NetBackup does not use that JRE, so nbcomponentupdate does not upgrade that java file. You can safely remove the C:\Veritas\NetBackupDB\java folder.

Removal of the folder will not cause any impact to NetBackup.

The java folder under NetBackupDB is no longer present starting NetBackup 8.3.

So if you have any plans about upgrading NetBackup to 8.3 or higher, the upgrade will take care of this problem. If not then, you can go ahead and remove this folder - C:\Veritas\NetBackupDB\java.