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RHEL 8.6 and Netbackup

Level 3
Hi Guru.

I need a simple guide to install Netbackup from scratch

I am currently facing alot of issue and I am a newbie in it.

As the guide mention in
1. Install redhat
2. Create directory /usr/openv/wmc
3. Create a web service group (nbwebgrp)
4. Create web service user (nbwebsvc) add to nbwebgrp
5. Create service user (nbsvc) add to wheel and nbwebgrp
6. Change ownership of /usr/openv to nbsvc
7. Change ownership of /usr/openv/wmc to nbwebsvc
8. Install veritas as per instruction.

After install java console and web management console work immediately after installation

But after restarting the server
Java Console only shows backup archive and restore on the left panel

Web management console don't even show the login page, it show connection error

Kindly please help


Level 3
Btw all this are done as root user
Logging in to the java console and web console also in root user

Level 6
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You will need to make sure the auth.conf (/usr/openv/java/auth.conf) on the master server has given the relevant users access to allow access to the Java NetBackup Administration console. E.g. add this line to auth.conf:


The WebUI should load by going to https://<masterservername>/webui/login and then login with the root user to be able to login and grant other users access. If you don't have the root user login, then you can use the bpnbaz -AddRBACPrincipal command on the master server to grant another user access.