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whole datebase, filegroups, or files?

Level 6

NBU 7.7.3

i'm trying out SQL IP, i have a domain account that i gave sa powers, member of local admin group for the sql server, and have in the local polices given it what is required. i have also changed the account being used by NBU client services, legacy services to this domain account. and restarted the services.

now, i've created a tlog backup policy and started using the defaults. the defaults selection is "whole database" although i've selected only the two databases i'm interested in. got it scheduled to run every 15 minutes from the GUI (hooray!) and waited.

it ran alright but it seems to be taking too long to actually do the tlog backups. with my old policies, it only takes seconds for the tlog files are only 70KB in size.

is this the normal behaviour or should i have selected filegroups or files in the backup selection?

what are filegroups or files anyway? i've read the online help but i'm afraid i'm rather thick on the sql terms.


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If your TLOGs are only 70kb then its probably not worth doing TLOG backup so frequently. 

what could be the reason that DBAs want 17KB TLOGs backup every 15 minutes? if there's something i could use to argue against it...