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How to create report for size of duplication job?

Hello, Iam new here. But I would like to ask, if it is possible to create report of size duplicated data from our policy. I have made duplication from our media server in far location through WAN, but I think it takes so much time and traffic. And I ...

Resolved! OpsCenter not connected to master server

Hi all, I'm new to OpsCenter and I'm having difficulties making it communicate with my master server. Current setup: - master is, running on Solaris 9, 32-bit; no media servers in my config - I've installed OpsCenter 7.0 on a Windows 2003 mac...

Chronos by Level 4
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Alert : NetBackup / OpsCenter Upgrade / Performance Warning

  Just FYI for OpsCenter & NetBackup Upgrade   After applying the upgrade, degraded performance may be seen in NetBackup and OpsCenter on Windows due to an unintentional CPU restriction imposed on the database.   Article URL http://ww...

tom_sprouse by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Not able to send Mail from NOM 6.5.6

Hi , Not able to  send mails from NOM. While scheduling reports in NOM getting below error . 0,51216,146,146,25667,1322707552059,0,65,0:,511:Scheduled email task failed for schedule Test- java.lang.Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException Exception:...

srvijay by Level 2
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How to create point in time status report on Opscenter

Hi All , Currently I'm still grappling with production overruns in my NBU environment.  I was wondering if there is a way to customize a report (had tried various default reports which wasn't exactly what i'm looking for) I'm trying to send a point i...

KRee by Level 2
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Resolved! Backup Exec Collector not showing any data

Hello, I have installed OpsCenter Agent 7.1 on a server running BackupExec 12.5 (Win2k8 R2) I have created a new agent & then a BackupExec collector under OpsCenter. When i go to Settings > Configuration > Agent i can see the newly create agent/host ...

zoky by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup Exec Data Collector in OpsCenter

I am trying to collect data from a Backup Exec machine.  I have read through the admin guide telling me to create a data collector.   When i go to Settings > Configuration > Agent i can see "Intergrated Agent" listed.  If i try to create a new agent,...

zoky by Level 4
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OpsCenter data collection not working

Hello, One of our NB domains has been having issues with VBR. So we installed OpsCenter to see if that would resolve the problem, and it did not. Basically we have to disable/enable data collection to get up to date "Job" information. Some of...

LT2000 by Level 4
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Resolved! OpsCenter report format

hello i have created a custom report in opscenter, it shows correctly when i view it, however if i export it to csv file the order of the collums changes. No matter how many times i create a new one with the correct layout as soon as its exported the...

Resolved! ops centre reports not sending emails

hi all need some fresh ideas on a problem i have sending scheduled reports via email. I have checked the below link my problem is slightly different. The reports work and ex...

Staged disk jobs not reported with MediaID column selected

Hi all, I have to generate a monthly backup job report that includes Job ID, Job Directory and MediaID (as well as some other info) but I am having an issue with the jobs that are staged to disk and then written to tape. Basically, I can create a rep...

Ed_D by Level 2
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OpsCenter not working after master server migration

Hello, We have OpsCenter running and currently only connecting to our 1 master server that runs NBU 6.5.5. Last week, we did a server migration of the master server from old hardware to new hardware, and we just noticed that OpsCenter is no l...

Resolved! Install OpsCenter Server in virtual solaris10 local zone

Today I tried to install  OpsCenter Server in virtual solaris10 local zone but I got following Error: 10:53:47  CPI ERROR V-9-2-1029 Installation on or from local zones is not supported. Is there a way to install Ops Center Server in a virtual solari...

OpsCenter 7.1 started with HTTP 404

We had our NB Server hang yesterday evening and we were able to restart the server. After restarting, the OpsCenter services could be started and runing. However accessing it via https://<servername>:8443/opscenter/ or https://<ipaddress>:8443/opscen...

Resolved! Alert Summary by Severity

I am running OpsCenter When you first log in, there are a 9 pre-defined summaries/alerts that opscenter provides you with. One of them, Alert Summary by Severity, does not populate any information.  Can anyone guide me as to how to get this ...

Resolved! Scheduled Reports - Not running

Hi all, I have recently setup OpsCenter but my schedules reports aren't exporting to my network location or emailing to me. Backup alerts are emailing to me just fine though. The Opscentre server can see the export location so I'm not sure where to g...

can not start web console after install Opscenter 7

im trying to install NBU and OpsCenter 7 in Redhat linux4 server(2.6.9-78.EL) in virtual enviromant. after install Option 1 (OpsCenter) setup show URL to connect to the console.  reaching the url has following resule and exceptions:   HTTP Status 500...

ehsan202 by Level 3
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Resolved! OpsCenter report Job Details and volume column

How is the value in volume column calculated when used in Job Details report? I can see that with linux clients backed up to dedup the value should be multiplied with 50 to get the real data size. With windows-clients backed up to dedup the value sho...

jpajula by Level 3
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Detailed report of Restore job

I need to be able to pull up a detailed report of restore jobs that I triggered withing a certain time period. I am able to pull up a "List of all restore jobs of the a given client" but within that report, I need to know what specific file was resto...