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Veritas goes social  to help employees, partners, customers, influencers & thought leaders  

We’re excited to announce Veritas Goes Social on Twitter @veritastechco and LinkedIn to help employees, partners, customers, prospects, influencers & thought leaders Harness the Power of Information (#HPOI).  Feel free to select, copy and share your favourite posts (below) with your professional social networks.  Or simply click share at the top of the page, then copy and paste our tweet of the week (above) to share this weeks social media round-up:

Veritas Brand

The World Is Changing Matt Cain blog (Link)
Twitter: The need for #infomanagement is at an all-time high and @veritastechco can help. Learn how: #HPOI
LinkedIn: By 2020, more than 44 zetabytes of data will exist. Clean up your enterprise’s share with the help of Veritas Technologies Corporation:

Veritas Portfolio Press Release (Link)
TwitterIntroducing smarter solutions to help your enterprise manage #data. See the new @veritastechco: #HPOI
LinkedIn: Take advantage of the data your enterprise collects by adopting a solution that will help you gain insight into the information at hand. Discover how Veritas Technology Corporation can provide that visibility:

Backup & Recovery

NetBackup 7.7 Press Release (link)
Twitter: In need of an advanced #datastorage solution? See why @veritastechco provides superb support: #HPOI
LinkedIn: If your infrastructure’s data is in need of better protection, look no further than Veritas Technology Corporation. Learn how Veritas’ improved solutions are changing the face of backup and recovery:

NBU Landing Page (link)
Twitter: 3 big ways @veritastechcocan transform your enterprise's #datamanagement: #HPOI
LinkedIn: Simplify, manage and transform the way your enterprise utilizes important information with the help of Veritas Technology Corporation:

Software Defined Service

Analyst Report: ESG Solution Brief, SDS (link)
Twitter: What can a software-defined storage strategy mean for your #data? Find out the benefits with @VeritasTechCo: #HPOI
LinkedIn: When deciding on a solution for software-defined storage, Veritas Technologies Corporation has some key points should be considered. See more:

Information Governance

Video: Govern info chaos into clarity (link)
Twitter: What's your enterprise's #data costing you? How @veritastechco can help govern the chaos: #HPOI
LinkedIn: Gain information insight into company data by identifying what’s important and what isn’t with the help of Veritas Technology Corporation. Learn how:

We look forward to helping you Harness the Power of Information…