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Veritas and Fujitsu: Exploring a New Frontier of Co-Creation

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Partner Employee


When Veritas and Fujitsu came together, I couldn’t help but think of Star Trek. Stick with me on this. I’ve been an ardent Trekkie fan for as long as I can remember. Often, what made a great Star Trek story was how two different cultures interacted on the USS Enterprise: Captain Kirk, the emotional earthling, and the logical Vulcan, Spock. And with the Veritas and Fujitsu partnership, I was sort of living my own Star Trek tale. Culturally, Veritas and Fujitsu are different, but we’ve come together to boldly go where no technology leaders have gone before. 

A Highly Logical Partnership

Our partnership goes all the way back to 1992. That’s long-lasting, even in the world of IT. It shows how strong our relationship is. And it goes deep. Right down to an engineering level (sorry, Scotty). Each partner brings something unique. At Veritas, we give organizations the power to get more out of their data and become a digital business faster. 86% of Fortune 500 companies rely on us to learn insights that help them get ahead. 

Then you’ve got Fujitsu, the world’s 7th largest IT service provider. It has a huge amount of IT experience. And it makes technology that’s all about people—so people can get the most value out of it.

We’re a perfect fit. And by combining our strengths, we’re helping businesses move to multi-cloud with joint world-class solutions that work in any cloud environment.

Live Long and Co-Create 


Our partnership works. Even when things are complex. Together, we can co-create to give customers storage and software built specifically for business challenges. It also means customers get better service. We can help them stay compliant and secure, connect their data, and make the move to digital more easily.

Just ask the Criminal Intelligence Department in Germany. It asked Fujitsu to help them migrate to a new version of Microsoft Exchange. So, Fujitsu deployed Veritas technology on its PRIMERGY servers. Thanks to the partnership, the department migrated faster than expected. 

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