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Better Backup for SAP HANA coming June 24th!

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Symantec is excited to announce that our certified integration with SAP HANA will be available to our customers Monday,June 24th as this is the official release date for the new NetBackup!

SAP HANA is a high performance In-Memory Database (IMDB) that takes Business Intelligence and Analytics to a whole new level.  Companies can do real-time analytics on huge amounts of data with lightning speed.  What used to take weeks to church through so much information has been whittled down to minutes.  But with so much data, how do you back it up?

NetBackup has become the first vendor to certify with SAP HANA’s BACKINT process.  This means that SAP HANA Studio which manages the HANA database can stream backups live to NetBackup.  There are many benefits to this method over the dump-to-disk method all other vendors must do.  Here are some important points to know:

  • Certified is different than “supported”.  If a vendor says supported, they are simply doing the dump-to-disk method and don’t have the streaming integration.
  • Streaming integration with BACKINT is important because SAP HANA will always have an updated catalog that is aware of each backup, and streaming also bypasses the unnecessary step of backing up the data from disk.
  • Disk based backups are much slower than live streaming, and the data is stale.
  • The NetBackup integration is easy—you just install the NetBackup SAP HANA agent on the SAP HANA appliance and license it!
  • Nothing changes for the HANA admin or NetBackup admin.  They don’t have to learn anything new.  It’s an easy solution to manage.
  • A disaster recovery strategy is NOT a replacement for a backup strategy.  They complement each other.  Make sure your customers know that DR replication doesn’t account for corruption or human error, and those types of changes get carried over with DR.  Backups provide the ability to overcome such issues, as well as many other benefits.

Stay tuned for more official information and documentation as the June 24th date approaches.