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Illuminate Security Visibility with Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliance Security Meter

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Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliances offer you zero trust multilayer security including hardware security, secure Veritas VxOS operating system, container service isolation, secure storage services and data security. Flex Appliances provide a complete immutable and indelible storage, STIG-compliant operating system (OS) hardening, FIPS140-2‒compliant data encryption, and comprehensive security access controls to defend an organization’s backup data and enable fast and flexible recovery. 

To help you fully utilize flex appliance zero-trust architecture, the Flex Appliance 3.0 has a new feature - security meter which enables you with ONE GLANCE To View, and with ONE CLICK To Configure for the security settings.  Seeing is  believing, check out this demo Illuminate your security visibility with Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliance Security Meter. 

The security meter can be found at Flex Appliance landing page, only the admin user can manage this feature. Security meter provides the following values: 

  • Give you Security Insights:  keeps tracking your appliance security settings and with one glance you know your appliances security index.
  • Provide you Security Recommendations: provide you a list of security features with quick links to configure them.
  • Update your Security Score: update you the new security score after you enable or disable a security feature.

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Flex Appliance security features:

  • OS hardening with STIG compliant, FIPS 140-2 data encryption, SE-linux enabled IPD are default on.
  • The lockdown mode provides you a complete immutable and indelible storage solution to ensure your system and data can be recovered.
  •  Robust user authorization and comprehensive security access controls: https and ssh access control, smart card authentication and single sign on.
  • Enhanced security monitoring, analysis, and auditing:  Log forwarding, SNMP, and email alerts.

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With security at the forefront, NetBackup Flex helps secure customer’s data against cyber-attacks with multilayer security & helps confidently recover from a successful cyber-attack with the air gapped Isolated Recovery environment. Flex Appliances security meter provides you ONE GLANCE To View, ONE CLICK To Configure for Flex Appliance security features.

Veritas Flex Appliance provides a multi-layered zero trust appliance platform covers infrastructure security and data security. Veritas solution ensures your data resiliency by immutable storage and encryption, data observability by malware scanning, anomaly detection and File Analytics and  Classification and data remediation by isolating Malware and mass recovery. As an industry leader in data protection, Veritas provides the technological depth and experience to safeguard your business-critical data across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

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