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Neutralize threat of cyber-attacks with NetBackup Flex Appliances

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Since the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in May 2021, we have seen an exponential increase in the number of cyber-attacks that enterprise organizations all over the world are facing. As a fact, every 11 seconds, at least one organization gets hit by a ransomware attack. Out of these attacks, a staggering 89% of organizations have fallen victim to a successful ransomware attack & many are reporting unrecoverable data events.  

As we have seen with the Colonial Pipeline where operations were shut down for 6 days, any such attack causes loss of business continuity for organizations and not to mention the loss of jobs, productivity, reputation and in some cases incurring heavy fines as well.  

It is becoming very clear to organizations that not only do they need their data & infrastructure protected from cyber-attacks but they also need to plan their response to a successful cyber-attack. They need to design for recovery to meet their business resilience goals.  

With NetBackup Flex appliances, organizations get a complete data protection solution which significantly reduces risk of a successful cyber-attack with multilayered security and the ability to recover confidently with an air-gapped isolated recovery environment in case of a successful cyber-attack.  

NetBackup Flex ApplianceNetBackup Flex Appliance

With our latest release of NetBackup Flex 3.0, we have added to the multilayered security by reducing the number of attack surfaces & neutralized password compromise risks with SAML based Single Sign On & Multi Factor Authentication.  Organizations will also be able to guard against vulnerabilities that will result in loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability with the latest STIG compliance & keep unauthorized users and devices out of their network with Network Access Control. 

In addition to making IT assets more secure, NetBackup Flex provides organizations a simple, turnkey solution which is easy to manage and monitor, thus providing organizations the much-needed operational efficiency as they look at modernizing their data centers. NetBackup Flex 3.0 has added visibility into different performance metrics to better manage resources and avoid unplanned downtime and has made managing new networking requirements easy with click of a button.  

In summary, NetBackup Flex is your complete data protection solution, which is easy to use, secure and scalable that protects an organization’s data center with zero trust cyber resilience and enables business continuity.  

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