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Single Panel Management for Multiple NBU Flex Appliances

Level 1

The Veritas Appliance Management Console is a centralized management interface for multiple appliances. It enables a single administrator to manage many appliances simultaneously. A management interface saves time and resources, especially when you have multiple appliances in your environment. Logging on to each individual appliance for installing EEBs is not required. The managed appliances can exist on one network or on segregated networks, which are visible to one management network.

You can use the Appliance Management Console for your appliance and application instances management tasks. Flex appliances are supported on AMS version 2.0 or later. AMS 2.0 or later is now available in a container form factor and can be deployed in your Flex Appliance environment. NetBackup Flex appliance can be registered on AMS server and the Flex Appliance hostname will be visible on the AMS server. 

Simply copy parameters from the Appliance Management Console and paste them into the Flex Appliance Console to register your Flex Appliances. The communication between AMS and the agent are secure with HTTP2 to TLS based. You can install EEBs (Add-ons) on NetBackup instances and upgrade NetBackup instances. Check this demo on registering a NBU Flex with AMS and installing EEBs on NBU Flex Appliances.

From the Appliance Management Console, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Install emergency engineering binary files (patches) on or uninstall them from selected appliances
  • Emergency engineering binary files are customer-related fixes that are incorporated into each release.

The Appliance Management Server RPM is available from the Download Center on the Veritas Support website.

The Appliance Management Console is a web-based graphical user interface that lets you centrally manage multiple NetBackup appliances from a single pane. It provides enterprise-wide monitoring and management of NetBackup appliances. The console enables you to upgrade and install emergency engineering binary files (EEB) on multiple appliances simultaneously.