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The Sherlock Holmes and John Watson of Data Protection

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I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. But what makes Holmes and Watson such a good team? The simple answer is their combined skills. Individually, they're excellent detectives. But when they join forces, well, not even Professor Moriarty himself can thwart them.

The same can be said of Veritas and Fujitsu. Especially when it comes to data protection. So, enter my mind palace and let’s explore what makes unified data protection such a vital tool for today's businesses.

The Game's Afoot!

Vox copy 2.jpgClues are vital for Holmes and Watson. Without them, they'd have nothing to develop their investigations with. In fact, it's how they expertly manage these clues that allow them to crack their cases. Which is a good way of thinking about data?

For example, take unified data protection. Like clues for Holmes and Watson, data can come thick and fast for businesses using new tech. Because new tech brings more data touch points to handle. And that brings more risk, which is something that’s often overlooked.

But unified data protection gives businesses the edge they need in managing it. Having several solutions working together reduces risk. And it makes processes easier. Just like a slick Sherlock Holmes investigation.

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It may seem an obvious observation. One even Sherlock would roll his eyes at it. But time is an asset that businesses are always losing. And with such huge amounts of data to maintain and protect, it's no wonder it's so easily lost.

We knew our customers wanted a backup and recovery solution that could help them manage and protect their data efficiently. So, we built this into our solution, NetBackup, to make this process simpler and free up resources.

It works like a magnifying glass that businesses can use to sniff out what data they have, how much of it they’re keeping and where it is. So, businesses can deduce what data is most important to their operations. This detective works means they’ll be able to get back up and running faster by knowing what data to focus on first.  

A large Japanese Motor Manfacturer is just one of many clients that use NetBackup to protect themselves from data loss and downtime, both of which can be very costly.

A Coming Together of Great Minds

Just like Watson and Holmes, Veritas and Fujitsu are a formidable team. By joining forces and combining our expertise, we’ve made many tools for business data protection. Tools like the Cloud Connector. It uses Fujitsu K5 hardware, infused with the power of Veritas APIs, to access, understand and protect vast amounts of data. Which makes it elementary.

Many clients have felt the positive effects of our partnership. Take, for instance. It needed a disaster recovery system for its global supply chain. One that was both foolproof and cost-effective. So, Veritas and Fujitsu worked together to build one on Amazon Web Services. It was exactly what a Japanese multinational ceramics and electronics manufacturer needed. And it helped them work more efficiently, saving them money.  

With Veritas and Fujitsu working together and NetBackup in play, no risk stands a chance. Truly, Sir Conan Doyle would be proud.