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What’s new in NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0—The simplest way to securely get NetBackup 10 up and running

Level 2

NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0 is a hyperconverged deployment option that provides a complete, self-managed NetBackup 10 cluster along with advanced automation to make scaling out capacity, job concurrency, and cluster resources simple, painless tasks.

Naturally NetBackup 10 capabilities like Oracle Incremental Merge with Universal Share and malware scanning are available in a NetBackup Flex Scale cluster, and now are administered along with the backup infrastructure itself from a single web-based UI.

combined UI.png


With NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0, administrators will use the combined UI to:

  • Manage everything about their backups with the same NetBackup UI they have always used – no new learning curve
  • View detailed reports on the backup infrastructure’s nodes, disks, hardware sensors, and CPU/memory/network utilization
  • Receive alerts for backup infrastructure hardware components
  • Scale out the NetBackup Flex Scale cluster by discovering and adding new nodes

Role-based access control for the UI means that only administrators will be offered only a view into parts of the UI they are permitted to use. An administrator can have an appliance admin role, a NetBackup admin role, or both.

Previous releases of NetBackup Flex Scale supported the 5551 appliance model, an HPe DL380 Gen10 server with 14TB drives for its backup data pool. NetBackup Flex Scale 3.0 adds the 5562 appliance model, a Dell PowerEdge R750 with either 8 TB or 12 TB drives. 

5562 applilance.png


Dell PowerEdge R750.png

This not only gives you more flexibility in choosing a platform vendor but also gives you a range of starting capacities:

  • Dell 8 TB configuration: 256 TB / 232 TiB
  • Dell 12 TB configuration: 384 TB / 248 TiB
  • HPe 14 TB configuration: 448 TB / 408 TiB

Further deployment flexibility options include:

  • Private and Cluster interconnects may be 10G or 25G
  • Use of DNS is optional
  • Multiple active directory and LDAP domains may be queried

NetBackup Flex Scale was built using a zero-trust architecture model. which provides multiple layers of security to provide ransomware resiliency including a hardened OS, immutable WORM storage with a tamper-proof compliance clock, container isolation, and multiple layers of restricted access. In the version 3.0 release, we further increased security by restricting remote access to destructive operations which prevents users from accessing the system via IPMI and:

  • changing the boot device and gaining access to the underlying OS and data
  • wiping and repartitioning of disks



Together with NetBackup’s anomaly detection and malware scanning capabilities, NetBackup Flex Scale provides resilient protection for your backup data in a simple to deploy, highly scalable solution. For more information on the multiple layers of security check out my Secure-by-Default white paper.

For a quick overview of NetBackup Flex Scale check out my technical highlights video on YouTube or for more detailed information check out my technical overview white paper.