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Help with Replication exec 3.1

We recently reinstalled our Replication Exec 3.1 on a windows 2003 server.  For some reason, I cannot get it set the way we used to.


Seems that when it replicates it starts the file from zero and copies the whole file again instead of appending.  Also, it used to replicate in the evening and the files would be done by morning.  


If there is someone out there that can help, my e-mail address is {removed email address to reduce spam}.  Otherwise, I can call support.

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Re: Help with Replication exec 3.1

It's really strange, also this way is working with me. Here, We working with Clones over SAN and we're synchronizing every 4 hours the DB's (SQL). After every sync, the working job start over again and from appending or last sync. and never finish.


Hope for some help as Leegoodman.



BE v12

Rep Exec 3.1