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VVR support ON AIX 6.1

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I am planning to implement Veritas Volume Replication from DC to DR on IBM AIX 6.1. Curently I am having VCS_SF5.1 including VxVm.

As per IBM they are saying implementing VVR on AIX 6.1 will slow down server performance.


Appreciate if any one can clarify the doubt.




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VVR is host-based replication - i.e it is the servers that are doing the work of sending and receiving the data, as oppose to the array and therefore there is an overhead on the servers for VVR for any platform or version of VVR.  The overhead is small, I think about 5% CPU, so this usually has little or no affect on the applications running on the server.   In terms of memory usage, for VVR 5.1 the default values for the main 3 memory pools total 64MB and you don't normally need to increase these unless you are replicating more than one diskgroup from the server.


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Rupesh, VVR is integrated part of vxvm, you have vxvm is already installed. For using VVR you would be creating additional components which basically will interact with DR site over network .. replication data transfer would happen majorly though vnetd (which is not a process) rather would be in kernel.... additionally u may introduce new daemons like vradmind whcich would help you running vradmin commands & vradmind would untimately interacting with vxconfigd .. In short, this is a tested solution from Symantec, won't believe should be concerned factor unless your system fails to meet the "system requirements" for SF .. G