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Resolved! need to fix vvr replication

  Earlier node 1 was primary and node2 was secondary Node1 crashed and node 2 become primary. Now, we have brought node1 up as below and below is the status of rlink   Please provide fix     root@node1:# vradmin -g ossdg -l repstatus ossrvg ...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! VVR has 2 primaries

I have successfully installed NBU on both nodes. Thanks for the help everyone. The only outstanding issue I now have is with the replication. If this needs to be a new post in a different section let me know! I have run the Volume Replicator Agent ...

Resolved! Creating Parallel Service Group VVR on VCS 6.1

Dear All,   I have 2 servers at the Production and 1 server at the DR site. I have 4TB data i want to replicate from Prod to DR using Veritas Volume Replicator. The volume I will need to replicate is a CFS volume mounted on both servers in the Prod...

Resolved! vvr primary -primary configuration error

Dear support when i execute vradmin repstatus <rvg> the command reports the configuration error: "Primary-Primary configuration" the data now is on the secondary site and i haven't possibility to switch to the primary site with GCO tools Please yo...

tunisGharbi by Level 4
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Resolved! vvr block-level backup

i have a primary site with 2 nodes Solaris 10 ( same config for the secondary site) i'd like to synchronise data between the 2 sites using block-level backup My query is the procedure to backup data : which command under solaris 10, scripts, ....

tunisGharbi by Level 4
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Resolved! How to check VVR replication status

Hi, one of our customers is using storage foundation 6.0 for Windows and they use VVR to replicate volumes from production site to dr site. The replication is in asynchronous mode. My question is: How to check VVR replication status? Is there a way ...

liuyang by Level 6
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Resolved! VVR

Hi I am new to VVR and need assistance please. Replication works fine until I create the “replication service group” in VCS. VCS initiates a disk group deport on secondary node 2 and then replication stops. If you freeze the “replication service ...

Resolved! Replication has stopped in cluster server

I need help I am having replication configured from cluster servers on Windows, today I have faced an issue where replication was stop and in DCM Mode. Today we facing replication issues with one of the clusters. The replication is getting stopped an...

NBU_13 by Level 6
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Resolved! secondary rvg unknown

Hello,   I did the full sync and now the status is as below   root@atmas1o:/ericsson/hagcs/log# vradmin -l printrvg Replicated Data Set: ossrvg Primary:         HostName: pallini-ossrvg        <localhost>         RvgName: ossrvg         DgName: ...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! VR Advisor

I have to show a demonstration of VR advisor to one of my client. Can somebody please elaborate how can i accomplish this? I have studied the VR advisor user's guide but i am little confused. Shall i create a new replication setup in order to test VR...

Resolved! MySql Replication with VVR

Hi, A potential customer wishes to know if Mysql database replication is possible with Veritas Volume Replicator. The data is not too big (less than 50GB), but it's very critical. As I'm not sure about how mysql can be kept consistent during an async...

savas_irez by Level 3
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dcm resynchronization does not start automatically

Hi all: I am testing the vcs/vvr cluster . When I write a data which size exceeds the srl volume size, VVR goes to "logging to dcm" state.     # vradmin -g data_dg -l repstatus rvg_b Replicated Data Set: rvg_b Primary:   Host name:              ...


Hi, I have volume replicated two servers one is in my DC & another in DR in different geographic location. As due to some technical falult the DR server was not reachable for 2 days so replication hampered. After the DR server is up but  till date th...