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Resolved! Error Code Satus 69

Dear Community, NBU Cannot backup some VMs. But previous backup was up normally..  The Detailed Status of the Error is below : 05/30/2022 22:10:54 - Info nbjm (pid=10775) starting backup job (jobid=563314) for client MEDIA_SERVER, policy Prod-VM-MSF,...

Tabriz by Level 5
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VVR Action Plan for DR failover activity

Hello Team, I need a help  to create in high level plan for DR Drill failover activity for VCS GEO cluster which have VVR replication running on Production site.We will have to failover the Service groups from prod site to DR site.So, do we have to m...

Resolved! VVR documents

Hello Team, I am new to VVR, hence I need some good links documents to read its concepts.Could you please guide. Thank you,Allaboutunix

Resolved! Does change of IP of DR HA Node required resync ?

ENVIRONMENT Product = Infoscale Enterptise 7.0 OS = RHEL 7.0 TOTAL NODES = 2 at primary and one at dr site QUERY = Does change of IP required resync ? DETAILS Currently Global Cluster is configured and layer-II is extended from primary to DR site. C...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Selective data volume sync on CFS

Formed 4nodes CFS (Cluster File System) on Primary site and plan for volume synchronization with others THREE deployed CFS by selective Is it possible? What's bandwidth size/type are required?Can I selective volume sync? or must FULL vol.?anyways, pl...

RLINK has a full Replicator Log. DCM is used

Hi Guys,I need help on my replication issue. We just move the server on the other site after the replication had finished. I paused the replication before moving the hardware. After I resumed and resynchronized the RLINK, data volumes used DCM instea...

H_A_N_B_U by Level 3
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Replicating CFS volumes

I have a two nodes VCS cluster on the Production and the same configuration on the DR site. I have six disk groups, each disk group contain one or two volumes mounted as CFS on both cluster nodes. I need to replicate all volumes from Prod to DR using...


Hi everyone, I need your help to configure replication on a VCS environment, initially I have a config that invove two Cluster File Systems:group fs_data1_sg (        SystemList = { node1 = 0, node2 = 1 }        AutoFailOver = 0        Parallel = 1  ...

upgrade SFHA

Hi All,   Regarding the need of configuring DR with VVR we have purchase the new licence Infoscale 7.1 Can we upgrade from SFHA 6.1 to Veritas Infoscale Enterprise 7.1? if not what are the best method to preserve data when installing the new prod...

tunisGharbi by Level 4
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Resolved! vvr replication not ok .....need help to fix it

Hello,   Replication is not happening , however RVG  is enabled /active and Rlink is conect/active .... below are the details :-->   -> vxprint -Pl Disk group: ossdg Rlink:    to_sec_site_ossrvg info:     timeout=500 packet_size=1452 rid=0.1...

symsonu by Level 6
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Resolved! What volume name does VVR use for replication?

I'm about to implement volume replication with InfoScale 7.0 on windows.   Currently, InfoScale is only installed on the new DR server and isn't on the production server yet.   When I look at the VEA console, select my disk group and click on the vol...

Mark_Tkachyk by Level 3
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