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DataDomain To StoreOnce Migration

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I'm a new guy in my organization and was tasked to migrate our current NetBackup (7.7.3) storage system from Dell DataDomain to a new one, HPE StoreOnce 5260.

I've searched for relevant information on Google but haven't had any success.

Would you be able to supply any knowledge base articles, or a detailed guide for this process? From what I understand, StoreOnce offers a plugin for Veritas. Should I install this plugin initially, or is it necessary for the migration and operation at all?

Thanks for your assistance.



here are the links to two data migration related technotes for your reference.


Method to use mirroring to migrate data onto new storage   



How to migrate volumes to new disk enclosures using Veritas InfoScale and Storage Foundation



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This needs to be moved to the NETBACKUP group.


The only way you will be able to migrate the data is by DUPLICATING it, this will be a slow process.  

Both storage providers above would provide their own OST plugin,  I would assume the DataDomain plugin is already installed on the backup server, you would need to install the StoreOnce one on there too..

The version of netbackup 7.7.3 is past its EOL and is out of support, I would expect that if you are adding in a NEW HP StoreOnce you will have a NEW OST plugin, it is likely that this will not work with the OLD NBU version..  so you may need to consider upgrading the NBU version before you start.


Since this discussion forum is for Veritas Storage Foundation, I suggest you to re-post your query to Data Protection/NetBackup discussion forum