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"vxdmpadm pathinfo" reports "internal disk" for Hitachi Luns

Level 2

Dear all,

I have the following infrastructure:

  • Two Windows physical servers in a VCS cluster. 
  • Servers are using Hitachi SAN LDEVs.
  • Veritas DMP is used for I/O multipathing.


My problem is that on one of the nodes, the command "vxdmpadm pathinfo" returns "internal disk" messages for all the external Hitachi LDEVs. The other nodes is reporting the paths properly as expected.


    Harddisk23: is an internal disk and no DMP information can be found.


I should state that the server does not seem to suffer from any issues with accessing the Hitachi LDEVs.


Can you please help me understand -

  • Why does vxdmpadm returns this incorret message?
  • Should any corrective actions be taken?
  • Is this a source for concern? 


Thank you all in advance.