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Veritas Volume migration onto new Disk

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Hello all ,


Can anyone please suggest how to migrate these volumes to new disk . The new DM disk are  emc1_1660 & emc2_1661 .

I am looking for options to create mirror first with the new disk  & then disassociate/remove the old plex. 


dg dg_pqata01m_mqm default   default  25000    

dm emc1_1678    emc1_1678    auto     65536    844599776 -
dm emc2_1d9a    emc2_1d9a    auto     65536    844599776 -

dm emc1_1660    emc1_1660    auto     65536    844599776 -

dm emc2_1661    emc2_1661    auto     65536    844599776 -

v  vol_log_pqata01m -        ENABLED  ACTIVE   41943040 SELECT    -        fsgen
pl vol_log_pqata01m-01 vol_log_pqata01m ENABLED ACTIVE 41943040 CONCAT -   RW
sd emc1_1678-02 vol_log_pqata01m-01 emc1_1678 796917760 41943040 0 emc1_1678 ENA
pl vol_log_pqata01m-02 vol_log_pqata01m ENABLED ACTIVE 41943040 CONCAT -   RW
sd emc2_1d9a-01 vol_log_pqata01m-02 emc2_1d9a 0 41943040 0        emc2_1d9a ENA
dc vol_log_pqata01m_dco vol_log_pqata01m vol_log_pqata01m_dcl
v  vol_log_pqata01m_dcl -    ENABLED  ACTIVE   67968    SELECT    -        gen
pl vol_log_pqata01m_dcl-01 vol_log_pqata01m_dcl ENABLED ACTIVE 67968 CONCAT - RW
sd emc2_1d9a-02 vol_log_pqata01m_dcl-01 emc2_1d9a 41943040 67968 0 emc2_1d9a ENA
pl vol_log_pqata01m_dcl-02 vol_log_pqata01m_dcl ENABLED ACTIVE 67968 CONCAT - RW
sd emc1_1678-04 vol_log_pqata01m_dcl-02 emc1_1678 838955520 67968 0 emc1_1678 ENA



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Thats the ideal & best approach.

Go ahead & mirror the volume using vxassist command, specify two new disks in the command so that vxvm knows which disks to pick for mirror.

vxassist would determine the layout of source & create similar architecture volume (unless you want a different layout).



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Thanks Gaurav ..! PLease let me know if these below steps are ok . This is for Active/Active VCS cluster . Please suggest ?

since volume is already mirrored, will the below command will work ,or do i need to specify mirror=<num> ? 

On Master node :-


  • Add the new initialized disk to the shared Disk group.


vxdg -g dg_pprta01m_mqm adddisk emc1_XXXX=emc1_XXXX


  • Mirror the volume with new  device .


  • To mirror to a specified disk:


vxassist -b -g <disk group> mirror <volume name > alloc=<new disk1,new disk2>

vxtask list


  • Check the new plexes (mirror) created using new array disk .


vxprint –htg < disk group>


  • After mirroring is complete & If everything looks good, then detach/disassociate old plex, in short - break the mirror.(Before doing so get application owner consent) .


vxmend -g dg_pprta01m_mqm  off <old plex name  >

vxplex -g dg_pprta01m_mqm   dis <old plex name >  



  • Remove the old plexes (one by one) .


vxplex -g dg_pprta01m_mqm   -o rm <old plex name  >


  • Remove the old disk  from veritas disk group . 


vxdg -g dg_pprta01m_mqm rmdisk <old device name>


  • Uninitialize the old devices from VXVM control


vxdisk –eo alldgs list

vxdiskunsetup <old disk name>

vxdisk –eo alldgs list



  • Remove the disk from volume manager control .


                vxdisk rm <old device>


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Couple of HOWTO TNs:

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