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SDI 4.5: Configuring SharePoint monitoring in Data Insight

Level 3

Symantec Data Insight (SDI) helps organizations govern their data better by identifying who owns the data, who has permission to access it, and how the data is used.

Data Insight monitors activity and access permissions on document and picture libraries that are part of the web applications configured on Microsoft SharePoint servers. You can use Data Insight to monitor unstructured data on SharePoint servers running any of the following:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007

For more information, see About SharePoint server monitoring.

To configure SharePoint monitoring in Data Insight:

  1. Review the credentials required to configure SharePoint monitoring in Data Insight. Data Insight uses the credentials to scan configured web applications, discover the site collections and all objects within these sites collections. Ensure that the credentials that you specify when configuring a web application have adequate permissions to scan the web application.
    See, Credentials required for configuring SharePoint servers.
  2. Install the Data Insight web service on the SharePoint server. The web service must be installed and deployed on every server in the SharePoint farm. See, Installing the Data Insight web service on the SharePoint server.
  3. On the SharePoint Central Administration Console, create a web application policy for each web application from the SharePoint Central Administration Console.The web application policy enables Data Insight to gather access information and metadata from multiple site collections using a single user account.
    See, Configuring a web application policy.
  4. Add SharePoint web applications to Data Insight.
    See, Adding web applications.

When you add a web application, Data Insight scans it and discovers the site collections configured within the web application.

You can choose to add all discovered site collections to the Data Insight configuration, or delete the site collections that you do not want Data Insight to monitor.

For more information on adding and managing site collections, see:

Adding site collections

Managing site collections

Data Insight 4.5 documentation can be found on the SORT website.