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Veritas Operations Manager 6.0: Managing Business Applications

Level 3

A Business Application is a logical collection of objects that constitutes a unit of management in Veritas Operations Manager.  In Veritas Operations Manager, you can create a Business Application to monitor the status of a set of associated objects and the faults related to those objects.  You cannot perform any operation on a Business Application.
You can select one or more of the following objects for creating a Business Application:

  • Hosts
  • Volumes
  • Disk groups
  • Service groups
  • Databases
  • Exchange servers

For information on creating, modifying, renaming, or deleting a Business Application, see:

You can use the Management Server console to view a list of the Business Applications in the data center. For each Business Application, you can view a graphical display showing the status of service availability, data availability, and storage area network (SAN) connectivity. You can view more details by clicking on the status icon.
For information on viewing the Business applications, see:

You can use the makeBE command-line script to perform various operations related to Business Applications. For more information on using the makeBE command-line script, see:

Veritas Operations Manager 6.0: Administering Business Applications using the makeBE command line sc...

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.