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Veritas Operations Manager 6.1: Managing threshold settings

Level 3

Using the Management Server console, you can set threshold values on an object such as a host to receive alert notifications for a specific performance metrics.
Veritas Operations Manager collects historical performance data for certain objects at a predefined interval. If any of these collected values violate the threshold value, a Risk or Fault is raised depending on the threshold definition. 

The following table lists the objects and the metrics on which you can set the threshold value. It also lists the evaluation intervals for the objects.

Object Metrics Evaluation intervals

CPU Utilization

Available Memory

Average CPU Load

5 minutes
Disk, volume, and path associated with a host

Average Read Latency

Average Write Latency

5 minutes

On a UNIX/Linux host, the performance statistics for disk and volume are collected every one minute. Last five samples are considered for threshold evaluation and if any of these violate the threshold value, an alert is raised.

Host Initiator

Average Read Latency

Average Write Latency


5 minutes.

Note: Threshold setting for host initiator on a Windows host is not supported

For more information on managing threshold settings, see the following topics:

Storage Foundation and High Availability and Veritas Operations Manager documentation for other releases and platforms can be found on the SORT website.