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How Do I Move a Backupset Between Volumes in SSR2013 MS

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I am running SSR 2013 Management Solution to backup Workstations across Site and have run out of space on a Volume which cannot be grown.

Is there an easy method for moving Backups form one volume to another for multiple clients.

I attempted to move one workstation and now it appears to have two backup policies associated with it. The old volume destination and the new one.


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Unfortunately I don't think there is anything built into the Management Solution that allows you to easily move existing recovery points. I'm not sure what you did when you say 'I attempted to move one workstation...' ?

Here is what I think you would need to do:

  1. Create new backup destination
  2. Either create a new backup policy that uses the new destination OR edit the existing policy and change this to the new destination
  3. Wait for client machines to either pickup the new policy or the newly edited existing policy
  4. Once this is done, the clients should start backing up to the new destination

You can also manually move the existing recovery points for all machines to the new location. However, this is going to cause a problem with SSR and restores ... because of the manual move of the data, SSR now won't know where existing recovery points are so restores that you try and initiate from the Management Solution won't work (you can still perform restores from the client machines by manually browsing to the new location).

Hope that helps.