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Useful Veritas System Recover 21 - Links

Veritas System Recovery 21 - User GuideVeritas System Recovery ReadmeVeritas System Recovery Management Solution Admin GuideVeritas System Recovery Monitor HelpVeritas System Recovery Monitor ReadmeVeritas System Recovery Linux Edition User GuideVeri...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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'How To' videos for Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

How to backup to Azure using Veritas System Recovery: How to backup to Amazon S3 using Veritas System Recovery: How to perform a Bare Metal restore using Veritas ...

criley by Moderator
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VSR 16 Backup Destination Unavailable! - I'm stumped.

We recently upgraded to VSR 16 and since the upgrade, backups have been failing with the following errors:-Cannot create the recovery point.--Error E7D10041: Unable to establish a network connection to \\"servername"\symantec_system_recovery---Error ...

EttinH by Level 3
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New Server

New server doesn't have anything installed on it so would it even be possible to restore the image if the server doesn't have symantec installed on it?

Lost the restore Password for Backups

Hi,we use Symantec System Recovery 2013 R2 to too our backups. But now i have the problem that the backups are locked by a password.The password for the backup files is stored in one of the partitions Which I need to restore. The original partition n...

echos by Level 2
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Resolved! VSR 16

Hi Guys,everything is working but i have some problem with monitoring.i have a pool computers with windows 7 and i backup these via VSR 16. in backup policies i set backup only drive (0-1, C) and those PC have a 2 logical HDD (C: and D:).question:in ...

emersom by Level 3
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BESR 2010 Server No Mouse/KB on restore

I am using BESR 2010 Server to restore an image to a new Dell PE420 server. I boot using the restore media, but when it loads, I never get a mouse pointer and the keyboard does not respond. The mouse and keyboard respond fine in the BIOS and Lifecycl...

Resolved! System Recovery 2013 R2 Management Solution Upgrade to VSR 16

Hello,We currently have SSR 2013 R2 Management Solution in place which manages quite a few systems for our organization.  We wish to upgrade to VSR 2016, however I'm receiving conflicting information.  The admin guide states that the upgrade should b...

EttinH by Level 3
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Resolved! Windows 10, bitlocker and VSR 16

Well my boss just told me to test this out... so im curious on first of all is VSR 16 supported to backup and restore a win10 machine with bitlocker? I have been searching and havent found much information at this time.thx

Featuer Request

i sent this to our veritas rep.... but thought it was worthy of more eyes...  I downloaded the trial of VSR 16 and the PL file to use in Altiris was in there. Use Altiris to point to it then it showed up for install. Our licenses also took…  So since...

Resolved! VSR 16 installation problem.

Hello Guys.I have a problem with installing this software.I found the instraction on this portal and there it is written you need to install the SIM then chosed the file (SSR_Management_Solution_2013R2_11.1.6.55606) and install but...

emersom by Level 3
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Strange Email Notification Messages

Hello all,After a recent install of Veritas SR 16, my email notification messages are nothing short of cryptic. Example below:Description: Result (0x6c8f043d 39 VPRO_INFO_COUNT_EXCEEDED_BACKUP_DELETED Args [1] Arg (0xbab000d 54 \\nas\backup\Server1\S...

rshehan by Level 1
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Problem starting new recovery point set

I use 2013 R2 to backup about a dozen PC's.  With some of them I'm having trouble with starting a new recovery set.  I have "Limit the number of recovery point sets saved for this backup" set to 3.  I have "Start a new recovery point set (base)" set ...

VSR 16 service doesn't run after upgrade from SSR13

Hello,Last week we have installed VSR16 and I have upgraded some of our SSR13 clients to VSR16. The problem is that Veritas System Recovery service doesn't work with Automatic startup type. When I start it manually, after 5 seconds the service stoppe...

VSR 2016 SRD Create Wizard Does Not Recognize WinATK

I recently upgraded to VSR 2016 ( from SSR 2013 (11.5.55405) on my Win7 Pro laptop.  Upon startup, I get a reminder that I need to create an SRD for the new version.  When I run the Create Wizard, it says it cannot find WinATK (even thou...

ErnieP by Level 3
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Veritas System Recovery Management Solution Version 16

Hi, I tried to download the Trial System Recovery version 16 including the Veritas System Recovery Management Solution version16.I have no problem installing the System Recovery  but I have some difficulties finding the installation of Veritas System...

egaspar by Level 3
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Change alert subject line

Hello,I monitor the Veritas System Recovery backups of multiple servers for various customers. I sometimes have a customer with the same server name as another. Is there a way to change the subject line of the system recovery email that is sent after...

Error EBAB03FA

System recovery Trying to backup a workstation running Win8.1, I get the following error:Error EBAB03FA: A postcondition that safeguards the integrity of the program failed unexpectedly.  "POSTCONDITION failed, CopyLegacyBootManager::Ged...

bakere1 by Level 2
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Resolved! Restore server using SSR2011 disk for SSR2013 backups

Hi All,Can i use SSR 2011 disk to restore my server from backup which i have taken using SSR2013 different version on Windows Server 2008 R2?And same SSR2011 recovery disk i want use to restore Windows 2012 R2 backup?Reason: SSR2013 is installed on b...