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Mayhem & SSR2013

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1) I need some second (or 6th) opinions. I'm getting conflicting answers from the off-shore folks.

Let's say you back up incrementally, daily, with a new base monthly. You're in the middle of a new month running an incremental, when all of a sudden your door is broken down, and angry villagers spill in carrying torches & pitch-forks, pinning you to the floor, while unplugging your computer.

I reboot the computer, SSR asks if I want to run that (now) missed backup. It completes that incremental this time, and say's sucessful.

Is all goodf? I'm told "no big deal", and I'm told by another, "every incremental going forward from that point will be bad- the 'chain' will be broken."


2) This only happens with SSR2013 SP1, no other program on my system (some of which are resourse heavy), and it happens frequently. It never happens on a base, only an incremental, and it will only happen once that day (when you reboot to run it again, it won't do it twice that same day).

It causes auto-re-boots. I'll watch it get past that magic 6% point, then satisfied that everything is going fine, I'll go to the kitchen to get coffee. Several minuets later, I'll hear the familiar TaDa! Windows logon sound. This might happen every day, every other day, every week; the only constant is that it'll only do it once- never twice that particular incident.

  • I always start the day with a fresh boot.
  • I've never attempted to run other programs at the same time that SSR is backing up.
  • I have a power plan I use for SSR that's set to never shut down the drives, yet the monitor sleeps after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • I've run both the Windows memmory test, and Memtest86+ (6 hours!) in the boot environment.
  • I've checked for overheating issues (GPU & CPU)
  • My power supply wattage is 650.

Does this recurring scenario ring any bells?


Thank you




Level 4

Hi TRaj,

Yes, Win7 64 bit Premium.

I never got as far as trying it on another hard drive, I was going to wait a few more day's before getting back here and putting this to bed, but I can do it now.I discovered what the problem was-although I’m not sure I want to share it! Egg on my face.

When I first booted the computer up in the morning, and after it went to desktop, I’d wait approximately 15 minutes for the disk activity light to cease being solid, and settle down to just a flicker. Apparently this wasn’t long enough-there was some program still loading in the background, which was causing SSR problems, or maybe even SSR wasn’t fully loaded, even though it allowed me to start the incremental backup.

One night I left the computer on, and found the next morning that it had backed up successfully. I then left the computer on for the rest of the week, and it backed up successfully each time. To think I’ve been banging my head against the desk for years, when this was the whole problem??

So I now know what the solution is, but I still don’t know what the problem is that’s causing it. Again, I’d like to thank you and Chris for all the help, and especially for all the research you did on this.

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Yo Yo... That was interesting to get resolved !~

Level 4

Oh oh. Maybe not.

It worked flawlessly for a week, and all of a sudden, during a scheduled incremental, I got a BSD. The findings, after digging in the Event Viewer were interesting (matbe?).


Error- 7:09:43
"The previous system shutdown at 7:06:43 AM on ‎3/‎22/‎2014 was unexpected."

There are no entries in any of the 5 Windows Logs at 7:06:43, but these are the closest entries there are to that BSD time logged at 7:09:43:

Information- 7:00:41
"The VSS service is shutting down due to idle timeout."

Information- 7:09:47
The EventSystem sub system is suppressing duplicate event log entries for a duration of 86400 seconds.  The suppression timeout can be controlled by a REG_DWORD value named SuppressDuplicateDuration under the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EventSystem\EventLog.


I filtered the Windows Logs>Application Log to show Symantec System Recovery, it showed this:


Information- 7:06:22
Info 6C8F1F7E: A scheduled incremental recovery point of drive D:\ was created successfully.
Source: Symantec System Recovery

Information- 7:06:22
Info 6C8F1F7E: A scheduled incremental recovery point of drive C:\ was created successfully.
Source: Symantec System Recovery
Information- 7:06:22

Information-  6C8F1F7E: A scheduled incremental recovery point of drive *:\ was created successfully.
Source: Symantec System Recovery


These entries reflect that all my drives completed backing up sucessfully. so does it appear that that the errors (auto reboot, hangs, BSD) are/were occuring when SSR was performing 'closing', or 'cleanup' operations?