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Restore Anywhere Inaccessible_Boot_Deivce

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We've taken an image of a Windows 2000 server using Backup Exec System Recovery, licensed with the Restore Anywhere option.

I'm trying to restore it to a newer server that has a different array controller. I've checked the Restore Anywhere option during the recovery, and at the end of the recovery I am prompted for a driver for the controller. SBESR accepts the driver then reboots the machine.

After the W2k splash screen appears, the machine blue screens with an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE message. The drivers i'm using are definitely correct. I even tried using the wrong drivers to make sure that SBESR would not just accept the wrong ones and carry on. It didn't, so I know that the recovery process also believes them to be the correct drivers.

This is the first time we've tried to recover to different hardware, and it's not doing much to increase my confidence in the product.

Can anyone help with this?



Level 3
Is that a SP4 ?