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Restore of / with BESR 2010 for Linux


I am busy testing BESR 2010 for Linux. making a .v2i image of a partiton or volume poses no problem.

Restoring an image from a NFS share is far more problematic:

1. get an NFS mount to work :  got it working

2. restore of a .v2i image of a /boot partition to its original place (after performing an umount /boot and having booted with a SRD bootdisk): got it working

3. restore of a .v2i file  of the / filesystem to a new (not the original) partition : got it working


restore of a .v2i file of a / filesystem to its original place does not work because the / is mounted and i cannot unmount it. And i need the / for my NFS share ?

Does anyone of you have a solution to this ? I can hardly believe that it exists.

My first impression of BESR2010 for Linux:

BESR2010 for Linux is fine to create a .v2i of a filesystem so you can mount the file for a by file restore.
But for a system restore .... i don't have the impression yet that this is the rigth product. Or did i do things wrong ?