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NetBackup 10.3+ Cuts Out the Root Requirement for Linux VMware Restores

Level 3

Root Removal 3.jpg

We've rooted out a root issue that's at the root of a lot of customer restore issues. NetBackup 10.3+ can now restore files to a Linux virtual machine (VM) using sudo root credentials. The true root credential is no longer required for a restore to a Linux VM. The best part is that the Linux restore process looks and acts just like it did before. The only difference now is that when you're prompted for credentials to the target VM, you can enter a non-root account with sudo root privileges. During the restore pre-check that account is checked for sudo root capability, and if it tests true, the restore continues just like it always did. The nbtar command runs using that credential to restore the data. So, nothing new to learn, just more security-conscience credentials that can be used. Pass the word on to your Security team. NetBackup just made their life easier. So, now you can enjoy a "smooth lawn" when restoring Linux VMware data.