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System Recovery 22 deploying Linux agent from Windows service

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We have a Redhat Enterprise Linux 8.3 server.  We use Backup Exec to backup our Microsoft Windows server, and after research I see that the Simple Disaster Recovery (SDR) does not support Linux.  Veritas tech support suggested System Recovery, so I downloaded the version 22 trial and installed it on the Windows server we want the Linux backup images saved to.  I chose the custom install during installation to make sure all components were selected.

After reboot, I added the RHEL computer, but the System Recovery could not connect to it because it lacks the System Recovery agent.  On the Veritas System Recovery Service Connection page for the target host I choose Deploy Agent, but it throws the following error:

-Error E0D3EBC0: Cannot deploy the Agent to "target host".
"target host".  Exception occurred:  Attempt to push
package to remote machine failed due to an invalid environment
The file download was aborted abnormally.  The file is incomplete.

According to the Online Help for Veritas System Recovery 22 User's Guide, under heading "Adding a remote computer to All Computers", the Note says "Select the Check for Linux Machine check box if you are using Linux computer."  You can see in the attached screenshot there is no checkbox for that feature.

I thought to try to use the System Recovery 22 distribution file for Linux to install the agent manually, but there is no option for just the Backup and Recovery Service... maybe its called "Host service utility" on Linux???

Do you accept the terms of the license agreement? [y/N]: y

Would you like to install the SRD creation utility? [Y/n]:
Would you like to install the recovery point granular file recovery utility? [Y/n]:
Would you like to install the Host service utility? [Y/n]:
Would you like to update the udev rule? [Y/n]:

How can I deploy the Linux agent on the RHEL server?



VSR Manager does not have a function to deploy Agents to Linux computers.
We need to locally install Agents on Linux computers or need to run installation commands using SSH.
"Host service utility" is a process to send the backup status of Linux computers to VSR Manager.