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Updating agents

Level 3

I see there is now Service Pack 4 for v18 but I don't see how to update the agents on machines not running the full version. The main server is updated to 18.0.4 but I don't see any update to the agent files on the main server so I can't use those to upgrade.

How do we update the other machines as they all show as v18.0.3 but no agent upgrade gets offered?


Level 3

Ok, so I have answered my own question: your MSP service pack sucks. It still after at least 5 years doesn't update the agent files so the server is still on the previous release - make me wonder how many more files it fails to update.


Uninstalled the System Recovery leaving the data, rebooted, reinstalled again, rebooted and now it's offering to update the agent on one of my other systems. Really?!?!

And wow, it gets better - it won't update. When I eventually try to upgrade it manually the MSI complains that there is already an installation. It doesn't even support upgrades.


Actually it does work. I ran just the update installer and all agents get the new version.