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VSR 18 Folder Backup With Exclusions

Using the "Backup selected files and folders" option in VSR18, I want to backup a folder containing about ten subfolders, but want to exclude just one of the subfolders.

I can't see an obvious way to do it?

Can this be done?


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Re: VSR 18 Folder Backup With Exclusions

Unfortunately we have no feature to exclude the specific folders when using "Back up selected files and folders". So please choose individual folders that you would like to back up.

On the other hand, if it is not "Back up selected files and folders" but "Back up my computer", we can use the following registry key.


For instance, there are 2 folders on D: like below. We create a backup job for D drive with "Back up my computer".


Then, we can exclude files in D:\test01\02\*.* and subfolders during volume backups of D drive.
To exclude them, we add below in the registry key FilesNotToSnapshot.

Name: VSRtest
Data: D:\test01\02\*.* /s

When backing up D drive after restarting "Volume Shadow Copy" service, we can exclude the only files in D:\test01\02\*.* and subfolders.

Caution: If you use this key, the files in D:\test01\02\*.* and subfolders will be excluded even if backed up by any backup sofotware (Not only System Recovery but also Windows backup or 3rd party backup software).