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Protect, Detect, and Recover with Veritas at VMworld 2021

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For the second year in a row, the premier virtualization conference in the world, VMworld, will itself be virtual. Beyond endless zoom meetings, the world of information technology has shifted in ways big and small since we last had a chance to meet in person at the Moscone Center in 2019. Cloud adoption has skyrocketed with the shift to work from home, new technologies like containers are having a moment, and the scourge of ransomware has created a new world order in terms of priorities for IT behaviors and budgets. VMware is solving all three challenges in production environments with new features within its VMware Cloud Foundation offering, the Tanzu Family of products and services, and security offerings like Carbon Black. Similarly, Veritas has new capabilities within its Enterprise Data Services that help solve the data management challenges associated with cloud, containers, and ransomware.

This year at VMworld, Veritas will have expert speakers—analysts, product owners, developers, and architects—discuss how Veritas integrates into VMware environments. Veritas NetBackup protects VMware Cloud workloads as effortlessly as it does on-prem, providing efficient lifecycle management that saves time, money, and provides intelligence and automation to keep pace with ever-expanding cloud deployments.

With the latest release of NetBackup, Veritas has added scalable support for Kubernetes namespaces (including Tanzu), ensuring that neither user error nor ransomware can derail migration of production workloads to the world of containers. Importantly much like Tanzu provides a known look and feel for managing containers, NetBackup’s Tanzu protection for VMs or cloud workloads is achieved from the same Web UI, ensuring complete coverage with the same tools and same skills.

Lastly, the topic that has shot to the top of everyone’s priority list—ransomware. We are going to discuss all the details of how Veritas helps VMware environments stay ransomware resilient? We pick up where VMware leaves off. VMware does an excellent job with endpoint and network security which is critical for keeping the bulk of attacks from ever entering your environment. But when that 1 in a 100,000 attack does sneak through, it is crucial to have a resilient-layered plan for resolution.

Veritas’ layered approach focuses on Protect, Detect, and Recover. Veritas protects hardened systems, including the most options for immutable storage, ensuring that even if ransomware strikes the backup systems, you will still have clean data to recover. Detection in the form of total visibility to the entire environment ensuring no systems are left unprotected and detecting anomalies in the environment before a full-fledged infection can take root. Lastly, recovery in the form of one-click execution of an entire disaster recovery plan with a Virtual Business Service that is easy to view, modify, and test regularly.

Join Veritas at VMworld 2021 to dive deeper with our experts, including the architects behind some of the innovations I mentioned in this blog. Be sure to favorite and watch our on-demand session APP2830S to learn more about modern data protection, from VMs to containers, from experts at Veritas and IDC:

You can also schedule time with Veritas product specialists during VMworld 2021: