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Announcing NetBackup 8.3, Unifying Data Protection from Edge to Core to Cloud

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Today, most of our enterprise customers are facing an explosion of complexity, from managing a highly disparate environment with services and applications both on-premises and in multiple public clouds, to supporting a mix of legacy applications and new workloads, while also accelerating their adoption of SaaS. Protecting this distributed, heterogeneous ecosystem can be challenging. Adding to all this complexity is the rapid shift to a remote workforce at scale, a trend that is likely here to stay even in the post-pandemic world, which dramatically expands organizations data footprint at the edge and increases the threat attack surface introducing more risk to enterprises.

At Veritas, we have been making significant R&D investments in areas like automation and simplification, cloud, and Ransomware to help our customers navigate these challenges while ensuring their data remains protected wherever it resides and that their businesses remain operational and resilient no matter what happens.

That’s why I’m proud to announce the next major release of NetBackup, designed to help Enterprises to protect their data wherever it lives with ease, consistency, and confidence. At the heart of our Enterprise Data Services Platform (EDSP), NetBackup 8.3 expands on our unified data protection and recovery solution by helping our customers standardize across their environment, greatly reducing complexity and risk regardless of workload or cloud. It's packed with new capabilities that enhance Veritas’ industry-leading, enterprise-grade data protection to provide the most robust set of recovery options at every corner of our customers’ IT environments—from on-premises physical to virtual, to the cloud and even to containers.

This is an exciting release and one that is extremely timely because top of mind for many of our customers are the challenges created by uncertainty and the unforeseen.  Things like ransomware, malware, an economic crisis, a global pandemic, and shifting regulations. NetBackup 8.3 provides a collection of features to help our customers remain resilient, even in the face of the unknown and the unexpected. As we learned with ransomware, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be attacked, but when. Did you know that in 2021, an organization will get hit with a ransomware attack every 11 seconds?1 That’s why recovery at-scale, immutable storage, and the ability to locate sensitive data—and know if that data has changed—are crucial for being business resilient, one of the key requirements that NetBackup 8.3 addresses. (See Figure 1.) 

Figure 1. The NetBackup dashboard displaying usage reporting and security events to quickly alert to irregular behavior.Figure 1. The NetBackup dashboard displaying usage reporting and security events to quickly alert to irregular behavior.So let’s take a deeper look into the innovations in NetBackup 8.3:

Workloads—Broadest workload support in the industry

Enhanced protection for VMware at-scale, reduced complexity of managing Microsoft SQL, simplified Oracle RAC protection and improved performance, optimized protection and storage with Universal Shares, a new way to protect NAS workloads with Dynamic NAS (DNAS) Data Protection and the ability to grow with Nutanix AHV. (See Figure 2.)

Cloud—Best-in-class data protection for leading cloud providers

Expanded cloud-to-anywhere—including Azure Stack to Azure Stack and Azure region-to-region—with push-button orchestrated disaster recovery (DR) using Veritas Resiliency Platform integration. Seamless workload and data portability in hybrid and multiclouds, with both to the cloud and between cloud storage tiers.

Operational Simplicity—Simplified at-scale, enabling seamless deployment and integration

Enhanced our simple and intuitive web UI by introducing coverage for top workloads, granular role-based access control (RBAC), storage management, and policy management. Delivered operational APIs and reduced Java footprint. Backup and workload admins can perform common tasks from the web UI. 

Governance, Compliance & Business Resiliency—Improve security, provide insights and deliver ransomware immutability

Expanded ransomware protection prevents encryption of backup data with hardened NetBackup Appliances and vendor-agnostic immutability for storage using NetBackup OpenStorage Technology (OST). The seamless, secure infrastructure supporting 2,048-bit encryption and integration with third-party key management systems (EKMSs), providing the freedom to choose. The integration of NetBackup and Resiliency Platform helps proactively ensure resiliency for applications across your heterogeneous environments using both near-real-time data replication and a combination of replication and NetBackup AIR with orchestrated recovery.

Figure 2. Edge to core to cloud—NetBackup provides the broadest workload support.Figure 2. Edge to core to cloud—NetBackup provides the broadest workload support.

This is exciting! Leveraging the EDSP with NetBackup at its core is game-changing for our customers. We’re simplifying operational tasks, continuing to innovate in the cloud, and reducing security risk—all from a single unified platform.  Standardization across the data protection estate—from edge to core to cloud—eliminates siloes, provides a consistent user experience, and reduces complexity and risk.

With NetBackup 8.3, we’re empowering organizations around the world to access, protect, gain insights from, and recover their most important asset—data. An all-around exciting release today!

Our launch announcement joins last week’s exciting news. For the 15th consecutive time, Veritas was named a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions, a testament to our customer-first focus, relentless execution, and strong innovation. NetBackup 8.3 underscores our ongoing commitment to help our customers navigate the challenges and uncertainty they face both today and in the future.

For those of you who want to know more about the NetBackup 8.3 release, join us for HeyAVA, where you can “Ask Veritas Anything.” Led by a panel of Veritas subject-matter experts, this is the ideal place to ask your technical questions. The HeyAVA session will take place between 9:30 a.m. PDT on July 28, 2020, and 5:00 p.m. PDT on July 31, 2020. Come talk to us!

To learn more about the exciting new features in NetBackup 8.3, check out: