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Part one: Your data—it’s still your responsibility in the cloud

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For many IT professionals, navigating cloud provider offerings is second nature. What was once on the brink of innovation in hosted applications and infrastructure is now considered commonplace, and cloud administrators and architects are beginning to get creative, developing dynamic approaches to make the most of modern IT.

Although this venture into what’s next presents promising potential for the data-driven enterprise, it also presents challenges. In the not-so-distant past, many IT leaders were stepping to a steady song of “migrate to the cloud,” though a majority have slowed their pace with the realization total transformation may not be as cost-effective and efficient as was once believed.

Now, a multifaceted approach to data management often makes the most sense—a standard of hybrid and multi-cloud IT is on the rise.

My cloud data is protected, right?
In the world of ideal IT, some questions would never be posed, but reality is rarely ideal. The fact remains, many organizations are not fully protected from disaster or downtime impacting the data center, on-premises or otherwise—a truth made evident in our most recent Truth in Cloud Report.

We partnered with Cascade Insights to survey 1,645 cloud administrators and architects across 15 countries to gain clarity on their assumptions and insights on backup infrastructure as well as their ideas about the future of cloud data protection. The results were striking.

Uncertainty remains in cloud data responsibility
Despite growing comfort in the cloud among IT teams across industries, 84 percent of cloud administrators and architects believe cloud data is backed up by the cloud provider. Put another way: A majority of those responsible for maintaining cloud-based data remain uncertain about who is liable for its integrity and recovery.Part1.png

Read the full report
If you’ve made it this far, it’s safe to say the full report would be a valuable read. I invite you to check it out on the Veritas Cloud Solutions webpage and access our on-demand webcast, where we delve into the most recent Truth in Cloud findings and deliver some guidance to take on hybrid and multi-cloud data management with confidence. Two additional blog posts on the Truth in Cloud report are now available on VOX, that you should check out: