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Intern Perspectives: A day in the life of a Veritas University intern

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Starting life, we wonder what we want to be when we grow up, perhaps pondering, “Maybe an astronaut or firefighter?” It seems many people knew what they desired, though I was not one of those kids. Initially, I believed I wanted to focus on space exploration—to help the world discover the unknown—then shifted my interests to dermatology. While there is no guide on how to adult, we somehow identify a fit, though often with a lot of trial and error.

You may be wondering how I ended up at Veritas Technologies in Human Resources. I realized the one common theme between everything I wanted professionally was helping people. In Human Resources, I’m able to help employees understand their benefits and seek opportunities to truly enjoy their work.

More to human resources than what meets the eye

Throughout my internship at Veritas Technologies, I’ve been a lead intern, guiding others to prepare events to ensure interns have a fantastic time! And there are a few things I have learned along the way that could pertain to anyone.

Finding the right environmentlinkedin-In-Stream_Wide___jessica-2.JPG

Whether you are accepted in a full-time role or internship, make sure it is the right environment for you. Give it a couple of weeks to get the hang of your job—it takes time to get used to a new environment and responsibilities. Remember that you are not alone, and do not overload yourself in the first couple of weeks.

Speak with your manager routinely and update them with your progress—clear communication is key. Be honest about how you feel, because they are here to help you. If you do not like the environment, change it up where possible; when we are able to focus on tasks that interest us, we thrive. When employees are happy, the company often benefits!

Your managers are here to help

A manager is someone you can go to as a guide you along the way. Think of them as a mentor—one who hired you for a reason. Get to know your manager, remembering they are human too, and will appreciate your clear, honest investment in your role. Be forthcoming with your manager, sharing insight into your experiences in your position—it will build trust. You can help build trust with your manager by completing the tasks you are assigned, being attentive to the areas where you excel and where you can improve. In time, you can discuss these details with your manager to guarantee your efforts best benefit the business.

linkedin-In-Stream_Wide___jessica-1 2.JPGRespect Everyone

You never know what truly is going on in someone’s day; resist assuming, and instead ask. Learning about someone’s job, what they do, and what goes on in their day will help give you a better perspective and understanding of that person. Remember, everyone is important to the company and everyone has a role to fulfill.

Try to build connections by talking to different departments by setting up opportunities to learn more of your colleagues. You wouldn’t imagine the amount of people I have talked to just from a smile and a simple, “Hello—how are you doing?”

In this final month of my internship with Veritas Technologies, I can confidently assert my eyes have been opened to new professional ideas and opportunities. And I’d like to express gratitude for everyone on the HR team in Heathrow, with a special “thanks” to Melanie Nasso, Emer McCaul, and Angie Ritti; not only were they incredible mentors, they now feel like a workplace family. And in your own fresh career efforts, get out there and show the world what you can do!

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