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Intern Perspectives: A warm welcome to the Veritas University program

Level 3

The Veritas University internship program summer class enjoys an afternoon in the sun at Encinal Park.The Veritas University internship program summer class enjoys an afternoon in the sun at Encinal Park.

"A priceless experience” is a funny phrase, sometimes used as a selling point for a multi-course meal or tourist vacation package. However, my first six weeks at Veritas have been just that! Only halfway through my Veritas University internship, I’ve experienced advances in my professional skills, both on and off paper, and made connections to others in the technology industry with interests and needs like mine.

The internship program has provided a tremendously positive learning environment, helping me to build my resume and network among peers. Prior to becoming part of the Veritas family, I underestimated how much an internship would add value to my early career. The credit, no doubt, goes to the approachable, resourceful, and warm welcoming team at Veritas.

The interns are carefully placed on teams across the company, and included in team meetings, where their opinions are earnestly sought after and considered. I realize this is the exception among internships, and I am grateful for the opportunity to receive this level of engagement.

Being an intern at Veritas offers insights to how a company actually works – one of many ways Veritas upholds its core principles of “empowering its employees.” While I expected an intern might be left to figure the company dynamics on their own, given the time required to on-board an individual, the transition into various phases of my internship have been collaborative and smooth. The guidance and support received by Veritas interns is constant, and yet we are able to identify and express ideas of our own – and idea sharing is always encouraged.

Veritas interns are asked to “think outside the box” to come up with our own strategies to address real company matters, and we have regular check-ins with managers, mentors, and recruiters to share. Our managers frequently provide feedback on what we can do to make the most out of our twelve weeks at Veritas.

And then there’s the grand finale: We are all looking forward to the Intern showcase at the end of our Veritas University program. At the Veritas University Intern Showcase, all interns have an opportunity to display and discuss their work with Veritas employees in order to gain recognition as well as feedback on our efforts.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. I’m already done with the first half of my internship and very excited about what’s to come on #TeamVtas!



Level 6

Excellent post, @SaliniMishra, and welcome to #TeamVtas and the VOX Community! I am thrilled to see your voice representing the Veritas University program.

Kindly –
VOX Community Manager

Level 3

Well done, Salini! As one of our Lead Interns at Veritas, you definitely LEAD by example! Thanks for being a positive influence, a ball of energy, and for leading the way. I couldn't be more proud.

Outstanding, Salina! Love reading about your experiences so far and everything valuable to gain as an intern at Veritas! Thank you for being a true rock star!


Monica Program Manager

Level 2

Salini you rock! Your outgoing personality and charisma make for a great lead intern. It's been a pleasure working with you.

You summed up the intern experience well in your article Smiley Happy

Thank you Alexandra for the warm welcome into the community!

Thank you Lynda and Monica! The success of an internship at Veritas, without doubt, attributes to the very supportive UR team!

Thank you Lee for your kind words! The lead intern team rocks!