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Intern Perspectives: Meaningful lessons from Veritas PMs

Level 1


For the last two years, I was certain I wanted to be a data scientist or software engineer; to have the kind of job with a posting like, “Preferred degrees: Computer Science.” Maybe in 10 years, be a genius hacker hunched over rows, like cornfields, of green Courier. Even stand on the shoulders of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerburg, probably wearing the same shirt every day in pursuit of lifestyle efficiency.

But then a summer passes as a part of Veritas University, and I’m wondering if I could interview for a PM position, with no MBA, sort-of-okay social skills, and a squeaky voice. All without embarrassing myself and dishonoring my family.

Because this summer I met Veritas PMs Deepak, Karan, and Yoon – simply, they are incredible.

Deepak was the PM for the Bee CX pod. He was so skilled at pool, he brought a cue glove to work. He wants to work in technology to change the world for the better, and taught me the theory behind choosing branching factors in corporate hierarchies.

Veritas University interns with CEO, Greg Hughes, during the Innovation Pod showcase.Veritas University interns with CEO, Greg Hughes, during the Innovation Pod showcase.Karan was my pod’s PM for the first two weeks. He’s the sort of person who is genuinely delighted by technology, and truly aced the PM role; a lead intern, but also very quiet back-home guy. I think we split from the same thread.

Yoon is a PM for Veritas Technologies. When he discovered it was one intern’s birthday, he sought a cake to celebrate her special day with two hours’ notice. And before my fellow interns and I presented for the CPO pod competition, Yoon took an extra minute to show us how to hold the mic diagonally to get strong sound. His thoughtful approach to engaging colleagues is admirable, and I hope to take on these qualities as I progress in my own career.

So, while I met genius engineers across the organization and exit my Veritas University internship feeling inspired by the breadth of incredible talent at the company, I was most impressed, unexpectedly, by the people with people-centric jobs. Thank you, Veritas, for teaching me something new about the world of technology, and more so, the people who make it what it is.