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Intern Perspectives: What I’ve learned as a UX Designer at Veritas

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The CX intern team with the Veritas University summer program at San Francisco's MoMA in July, 2018.The CX intern team with the Veritas University summer program at San Francisco's MoMA in July, 2018.

Entrepreneur and startup expert, Eric Ries, defines startups as “organizations dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” In my 9th week at Veritas, I can confirm my focus project with Veritas University readily fits Ries' definition.

I’ve learned to: Be adaptive

When my teammates and I first began dissecting our internship project, we were lost. The problem/solution pair felt unclear, and I remember pondering, “How should we approach the problem?” and, “Can we really deliver something within such a short period of time when we must do so from scratch?”

With my academic background, it was difficult for me to answer these questions without immediately wondering if we had enough time for research. The first and most important thing I’ve realized is the importance of adaptivity; while my prior knowledge shapes my approach, it may not be applicable in an industry setting.

The ideal way of eliminating the gap between the two is to combine the major takeaway and apply it to the real world. In school, we spent 7 hours creating an affinity wall workshop for the purpose analyzing interviews, but in the real world, the whole process may need to be completed in 2 hours’ time. Understanding the core benefits of a theory and adopting it wisely is essential to the success of a project.

I’ve learned to: Be humble and inclusive

Working with great people is another factor that has made my internship at Veritas exciting and fun. Collaborating with engineers and MBAs has enabled me to better understand varying viewpoints, and together we can ensure we pursue a well-rounded goal.

Talking to mentors and other experienced UX professionals has benefited me in both design and testing. In building these relationships, I’ve realized a UX designer’s measurement of success is intrinsically user-focused; it’s all about users’ acceptance of your designs.

My internship at Veritas CX has honed my ability to be more inclusive – to be curious and question the reasons behind design decisions. My favorite quote from my experience with Veritas University supports ongoing curiosity, too: “I know you are resilient because you are a designer.” Curiosity is forever!

I’ve learned to: Be bold and innovative

When it comes to enterprise application design, people often choose to stay safe. I have to admit I did the same before my internship with Veritas. We were told interns could drive their projects, though in my first designs I played it safe. The senior management were supportive throughout the design review process, but thoughtfully pushed me to strive for a bolder outcome.

Making bold moves invites uncertainty – something wonderfully accessible as an intern with Veritas University. I’ve realized the value in testing bold ideas; if it fails, move on to the next.

I am grateful I chose an internship with Veritas University. In the program, I work on a project that allows me to think out of the box and enjoy flexibility. I’m especially thankful to work with great people at CX and the feedback they’ve provided. I treasure the “three be” methodology learned, as well as the sweet memories created among my project team, creating something incredible together.



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You articulated your experience at Veritas wonderfully! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I loved what you learned! It's perfect for ALL Veritas employees to remember. Be: Adaptive, Humble, Inclusive, Bold, and Innovative! Great job, Yikai aka Shile!

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Angel looks great in the photo!

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And I have to say, Yikai, that the experience of reading this post is the best.