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Clearwell Redaction of wide excel spreadsheets

Level 1

I have a bunch of spreadsheets with a bunch of columns and rows to be redacted.  Even though the field has a lot of text, the columns are set at a fixed width in the original file.  The text that doesn't fit in the column width is hidden from view by the text in the next column.  I basically need to redact the entire spreadsheet except for the header row and one row of text.  I'm running into a couple of problems. 

First, I don't think the first tab of this spreadsheet is appearing in the redaction view.  Also, when I think I've found the right starting point/tab, the data seems to be shifted around when I open the redaction view versus the original.  I've already checked for filtered info and tried different sorting options in the original file but can not find a match for what Clearwell is displaying in the redacted view.  Does anyone know how Clearwell reorders excel spreadsheets in redaction mode?

Second, I need the columns in redaction mode to be wider so I can see all of the field data.  I don't know a way to adjust spreadsheet column width in redaction mode.  I'm concerned that the produced redacted image will just show the truncated field text too.

Third, when Clearwell converts an excel to pages (basically), it breaks up the columns & rows across multiple pages.  My large excel is now 1000+ pages.  I think the first few columns (A, B and C) of the row I need are on page 164 but I'm having trouble 'finding' the rest of that row.   Because the orginal spreadsheet had more than one tab, I think the math is off.  Does anyone know a better way to redact a spreadsheet?

Help???  I've got hundreds of spreadsheets to redact and produce in this case.