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Removing SubNodes from DA cluster

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We recently upgraded from 8.1.1 to 8.2.  After the upgrade, collections fail immediately.  This is a Distributed Architecuture, with SubNodes to offload processing.  The server and subndode logs are showing an error that says "connection refused".  We have been troubleshooting for days, but difficult to find any information about troubleshooting SubNodes.  At this point, we are just trying to remove them from the cluster.  But, we are not even abel to do that.  When we attempt to replace the XML file back to the default, it throws an error that says "Configure VM Subnodes failed - Can't shutdown system while system shutdown is in progress", and then more stuff about "cluster.resource.LeaseAquisitionException".  We have a support ticket open with Veritas, but so far we have been unable to remove the subnodes, so that hopefully we can add them cleanly back into the cluster and be working again.


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Just following up here to confirm that the issue experiecned here had to do with Processing nodes and not subnodes. As I understand it,  there's an effort to get those nodes added back to the cluster.

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