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Suggestions to improve client performance

Level 4

Some of our users are complaining Clearwell is running slow on their computers. I did a test, on my laptop I am getting the following results:

  • Logging onto Clearwell: 3 seconds  (clicking signing in to dashboard)
  • From an employee list record to all cases: 2 seconds

When I tried the same on users computer, I get these:

  • Logging onto Clearwell: 10 seconds
  • From an employee list record to all cases: 8 seconds

I am thinking this is something to do with IE or Flash settings on the endpoint. Are there any online documention or previous experience that I can use to troubleshoot client performance issues?

Thank you





Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

Hello @Ali_G,

First thing that comes to mind is what's detailed in How to Reset the Adobe Flash Cache on a Internet Explorer browser Try that with your users and see if it makes a difference.



Best Regards,
James Harris
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