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NetBackup on master and media Version client software installed on AIX VM. The backup fails with 7654 - The Certificate Revocation List is invalid. We have removed and totally re-installed the NBU client software. Issue still happens....
NetBackup OS - RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.6 We upgraded from to and ever since we upgraded, my team and I are having issues with the Java Admin Console giving us this message after a few minutes of activity: "socket connection ...
Greetings, NBU running on Redhat Linux 8.6 I'm running a script to dump the backup failures for the previous 24 hours. I don't want any "retry" error codes in the output and only want the real final backup status. I'm creating a ticket for fa...
Greetings, I am looking for a way to pre-populate the bp.conf file for new installs for Linux/Unix hosts to begin with. Has anyone ever modified and added to the install of a NBU client so that the /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf file is installed with ...
Greetings, NBU 5340 appliances as media servers and are clustered and setup as primary and failover. Running / NBU version I'd like to know what the command line is to check which node is primary from the elevated prompt.

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