Access Appliance scale-out

Hi All,

Kindly i need to know if Veritas access appliance 3340 can scale-out with more than one appliance like the software nativley up to 20 Nodes or not .

Also if more than one appliance can be under same Name-Space .

please provide me with any reference architecture for Active active appliance cluster if available.

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Re: Access Appliance scale-out

Hi @Samiayman 

The Access Appliance is a 2-node cluster. The amount of nodes cannot be increased. 
The amount of storage can scale from 636TB to 2.5PB

The Access Appliance is simply a NAS server that provides storage via different protocols, so, there can be multiple appliances in the same environment.

For more info, see the datasheet:  https://www.veritas.com/content/dam/Veritas/docs/data-sheets/V0594_GA_ENT_DS_Veritas-Access-3340-App...